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One teaching the other?

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I have Isabel (almost 3) and Sarah (7 months). I have just noticed lately that when Sarah bounces onto Isabel (when Sarah roudy not all the time) Isabel will give her what I call "the look". Or if Isabel jumps to the window sill and Sarah jumps directly behind her she will hiss.

Is Isabel teaching Sarah that its time to grow out of kitten play? That's how it looks to me. Sarah has grown quite a lot and is now about 3/4 of the height/length of Isabel. (Sarah is a VERY skinny cat so she isn't anywhere near as bulky). I was thinking Isabel is doing the motherly thing and teaching her how to behave. Isabel has been an excellent mommy to Sarah since the very first minute I brought Sarah home.

Also, Isabel's way of correcting Sarah isn't the same as a fight as they do almost everything together all the time.
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Sure sounds it to me!
What a good kitty momma your Isabel is!
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A lot of older cats teach younger cats. Fred taught Georgia to steal my earplugs right out of my ears. I woke up and she had one little claw hooked in it, easing it out, and Fred was sitting on the pillow watching her. Those are his favorite toys, and he knows he gets in trouble for snagging them. The little stinkers!
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That's one of the very things I started to notice as my cat population. With my first 2 cats, I had to teach them to use the scratching post. From then on, every cat we brought home watched the older ones and went right for it. There's several things my first cats have taught the newbies and it continues. I love to watch them communicate without words
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Oh! That's true with my cats too. I had a darling old cat and bought him Isabel as a friend. She never once touched the furniture. The second day she was at the scratching post. That cat had to be put to sleep and I got Sarah for Isabel. Sarah also never touched the furniture.

They are funny how alike they are. When I let Isabel and Sarah out into the place in the morning. They are like two horses attached at with a yoke. They run around the cross-trainer, around the plant and to the post. Their sides are touching the whole way. They do precisely this every morning. They don't separate until they use the scratching post.
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Yup!!! Russell, the 9 month old is teaching Doofus the 7 week old what to do and what not to do around the house. That's all good....now if only I could get her to come when I call her. I just may wait a little bit longer before trying again.

Russell has recently taught Doofus how to dig all the way to China after using the kitty litter....not something I wanted but hey, at least they use it right?
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Oh mine dig in the box too! Mine like to push all the litter to one side.
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Bugs has always done this funny Aby thing of rearing up on his hind legs and "walking" or "running" across the room when he wants attention. When we got Tum as a kitten, it was hilarious to see him try to do the same thing... until he learned to do it was well as Bugs.
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Thats neat. I wonder if I can teach my cat Sarah to walk on two! She often stands up on two for me if she thinks I am holding something.
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