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Arm and Hammer Multi Cat

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Anyone else use this? How do you like it? Price wasnt to bad at walmart i got 35lb cases for 11.34 so it was nice. And my kitty room smells better one has used it yet. long does your usually last too?
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That's what I'm using now - I really like it. Helps keep the odor down. I've got a big box of it from WalMart. Sorry but I don't pay attention to how long its lasting
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lol thats ok. I was impressed on the price. and its a TON less dusty than what i did have. I liked it but that was my one big complaint was the dust. Caesar approves of the new litter, LOL guess thats a good thing.
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That's what I like about it too - less dusty then others I've used
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So far they like it. guess i will see if its cost effective too. Always a biggie around
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We got it but we havent tried it yet,we got 2 boxes i forgot either 30 or 40 lbs boxes for $12 each at kmart so that wasnt bad, they did have a sell on the smaller boxes (but they didnt have them out, nice way of fooling people huh? my mom went back in when she seen $24...and they said well they have the ones (the smaller boxes) on the top and u would need assistance to get it down so my mom said screw it and so we are using up the other litter before we give it a try my mom heard it was really good so we thought it was a good deal 2 for $12 becuse 11-12$ is about the normal price for the big boxes and well I guess when my bag is done thats coming upstairs ) So I am just waiting to use least i get to hear every ones opinions before i use it
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