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A cat has adopted me!

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Hi all

A little grey kitty has adopted me. She spends 80% of her time on my lap, and often will snuggle right up to me, snuzzling my neck and purring like a hyperactive lawnmower, making suckling noises just underneath my ear. I love her to bits now - how could anyone resist such attention??? Problem is, she's the neighbour's cat

They move out in 2 weeks. I can't stand the thought of this poor thing trying to walk back to me from their new place, which I am certain she'll try. She's so small and she'll get hurt. They are moving about 4 miles away, maybe 5 at a push.

What can I do? The neighbours don't like me (long story!) and would therefore not respond well to any rational argument that the cat has chosen (she certainly has). I am tempted to (but obviously won't) hide her or book her in to a cattery or similar until they've gone. Help, please... I don't want to lose this little thing.
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Maybe they will just leave her there and you can adopt her as your own.Sending get the kitty vibes that way.
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Oh my.
I feel your pain. My Penelope was someone else's kitten when I found her, but thankfully they did not want her when she adopted me on the street in Virginia four years ago.

I don't know what to say because what obviously I would feel for you is not really, let's say, legal? Let's be rationale here. Are they good people? (the not liking you for surely silly reasons aside). And when you say neighbor, is this an apartment, residential community? Does she like them? Is she perhaps just very friendly to everyone? If they do not treat her right, then that may be a different story?

Are you CERTAIN she is their pet? Does she have a collar? Wow sorry, lots of questions. I just feel so terrible for your plight!
Oh I am sending you many many good vibes and prayers from me and my babies. It sounds like she has chosen her meowmy and that just breaks my heart!!
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As difficult as it may be, you really should talk to the neighbors and tell them about your concerns about their kitten trying to come back to your home. Who knows, it may result in a happy ending. One thing is for certain, if you hide the kitty and they care as much for him/her as you do, it will cause them a great deal of pain. I hope you find a happy ending.
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Awww, I hope they leave her there for you Can you seriously ask them if you can keep her?
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If you cannot talk to them directly, perhaps you can talk to another neighbor about talking to them for you?
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I would try and do something since you love this kitty so much. I would maybe talk to the neighbors and see if you can buy her or something.
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Thanks for all the good responses, and very little of the bashing I expected!

I know she's their cat because I used to be friendly with them, and we stay in a sub-divided house. I am her daddy by the way, and neither my girlfriend or I have ever seen one animal show quite so much affection to a person, ever. I am just lucky (for the next 2 weeks, anyway ) to be the object of her affection. As I type now, she's curled up in her place behind my desk fan - it's hellishly warm here at the moment - not more than 2 feet from my right arm. She sleeps here, she sits on my lap all day while I work, she comes right over when I call her, and as I say, she's quite clearly chosen me, not the other way around.

I'll try and get someone neutral to talk some sense into them, but if I am honest, I think I have more chance of winning the lottery. Twice. In one day. On the positive side, if Shadow (that's her name, given by the neighbours) doesn't try coming back to me, she will have a happy life, as I said, they're good people and love their cats. Perhaps the sensible thing to do is to get them to bribe her with catnip as soon as they establish themselves in their new house!
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Offer to buy her from them. Give them $50.00. I bet they sell her to you.
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