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Hi and thank you

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I'm the one that posted in the other thread about our British Shorthair queen who lost her first kitten the other night...

Thank you so, so much to everyone who posted. I have never felt so taken care of as such a new poster before. While it didn't bring back the one who died, I definitely think that your advice helped me to save the next three.

I was told to introduce myself, so here goes... I am 27 (newly turned as of 2 wks ago) and my fiance is 26. We have a Korat neuter who is the love of my life, and 'the British invasion' ;-)

Our Brits are a beautiful blue-and-white male stud (Henle--13 months), and a solid black female queen (Selina--15 months). We also have a black-and-white queen who we bred for the owner (who has health problems) that didn't think she could physically handle a litter right now, but didn't want to lose the ability to have one later (the queen is 2 1/2 and had never been bred before).

I had cats when I was younger, but hadn't had any for probably 15 years--then last Jan. I told my family that I needed a cat again--and, now we have 3 (er..4...er...7--temporarily!)

We show ACFA, though our Korat is also registered in CFA and TICA (his breeder is a big TICA/CFA guy). We'd like to try CFA, but our stud has a lilac mom, and the color is not accepted by CFA yet. We try to go to as many shows as possible in the midwest--I have some pretty significant heart problems, so sometimes we have to slow the schedule down, but, all-in-all, cat shows have been a great hobby for me.

This first litter was heartbreaking/scary at first--and for the next three nights my fiance got up every 2 hours and checked on mom and kits, but seems to be settling down.

Does it always seem like time goes faster than it should? I feel like I have a thousand things to do, and so little time--we want to put up a web site (Brian has taken over 250 pictures in the last 3 days--talk about overkill!), need to take the whole litter in for a 'well-kitten' check, and deal with my Korat, who thinks this whole kitten thing is a mistake!

Sorry for the long post, I wasn't sure what the 'etiquette' for that is here...one last question--how do you put pictures next to your user name? Is there any other place to post pictures?

Thank you again--I feel so lucky to have found this site!
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Welcome neighbor - we are in southwest part of MN Probably is over here, the shows are so far apart to get to. I'm spoiled from living on the east coast with a lot of close by shows.

We plan on showing Charlie in ACFA in April/May and then do a few CFA shows for premiership later in the year.
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Hello, and welcome. Sorry about loosing one of you kittens Congrats on the survivors, are there pics anywhere?
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We dont have a website up and running yet- is there anywhere I can post a picture on this site?
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Hi and welcome. You can post pix on any thread, but the usual place to put pix of your cats is in the 'Fur Pictures Only' Forum. To do that, you need to upload your pictures to a photobank like Photobucket or ImageShack, and then post the IMG links. There is a thread in the tech support forum that gives exact instructions on sizing etc. Also on how to make a signature with pictures.
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