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Originally Posted by waxlight View Post
Whoops, that never entered my mind... I'll start covering the flash like you suggested
They are big now. So cute.

I got good pictures using a night scene on my camera it does not do a flas. Sorry I forgot what it was called. I can not think right now.
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Another new to kittens question

I'm assuming it's normal for kittens to be different sizes. One is HUGE compared to the other three, and one is a bit smaller. They all have nice, fat bellies and are moving around quite well (OMG, kitten pile!).

Also...when do they open their tiny eyes! I know not to rush it, and to make sure they don't have gunky around their eyes for an extended period of time, I just can't to see pretty kitten eyes!
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Oh my word that are just so adorable but mommy looks very tired.
They beautiful congratulations on the little ones.
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there eyes can open normally between 7-14 days
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