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Well, I posted a few weeks ago about better ways to train my cats to do things. (They are good at the NOT doing things part).

So far.... no progress at all. I've been trying to teach Isabel her name. She looked at me one time but that was probably coincidence.

The idea to teach her to come by using treats isn't working. She goes and sits on her stool because that is the only place she expects to get the treats.

Sarah knows her name but isn't always inspired to come. She learned that pretty fast! She used to come all the time. Now she looks at me and basically says "I don't want to."
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do your cats like to be petted and praised? maybe you can try that instead of food treats

i wanted to train my cat with treats but she doesn't care about treats at all

she likes praise but only wants to be petted when she comes to me, so i have not been able to train her too much

she knows her name, finally!

and if i meow like she does, she will do it back, for up to 45 mins!

sometimes you just have to find out what your cat's particular talent is-

my sister had a cat that would leap straight up onto her shoulder! but she was very motivated by food treats, so she wasnt' too hard to train.

good luck, just keep trying, a lot of repetition is important

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Have you heard of clicker training? If not check this site.... You may find some useful information on training your kitty. Clicker training for cats
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Isabel loves treats but only on the stool. She is deceptive, from the way she behaves you'd think she didn't like to be held or pet. But if you pick her up she'll stay with you for a long time. But, she never ever comes to you first. The closest to coming to me rather than me going to her is when she sits on the stool for a treat.

I've heard about clicker training but haven't seen anywhere that explains it. I don't really have the money to invest in buying it.

Sarah is a little easier, I figure sooner or later she will figure out what I mean. She just seems a little slow to get the idea. But she has learned to come and knows that if I clap my hands she should move from where she is.

But for Isabel, I'm not sure what she would respond best to. She a very quiet cat that never bothers anyone for anything.
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Hi ImmortalFlower! I'm sorry it isn't going so well. The problem is....they're cats! LOL! Sounds like maybe Isabel just doesn't like "being told" what to do. Either you just have to continue to have patience - or they're just not food motivated. If praise doesn't work either - then maybe you just have very independent kitties! We are fortunate, I guess, as our two are very treat motivated.

Sorry it's so frustrating for you! I guess the most important thing is just patience and time.

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