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Kitty tunnel!

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Well as you know from my recent pics of Jasmine, she has a thing about tunneling under rugs. Mums told me she's bought a 4.5ft long tunnel for her, i wont be able to see till Sunday as im staying at Tristans and mums still at work. So when i come back ill have to take some photos. This is exciting for me because we've never had a tunnel before, just tonned of other toys! I hope she likes it. The kitties at work loved them, i'm wondering if Charlie might have outgrown it. We'll see
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Sounds fun for them! keep us posted.
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Löki and Jacob have a tunnel and a kitty tent - they both love them! They even wore out their first tunnel and I had to get them a new one!
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If anyone has a Costco store closeby they have recently starting carrying a really nice cat tunnel for something like $18 or $19. (I presume they carry the same things in all stores?) They come in two different leopard shades, have a couple peep holes cut out and mice that dangle on the inside. They seem well constructed and have the material that makes a crinkly noise. I hooked a couple together and made it into and L shape. They love it.

One thing I've learned Dragoriana, if Jasmine turns up missing...check in the tunnel first!
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