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I've had cats almost my entire life and now I think I'm not very observant! I have two cats, both are kinds of tabby. Isabel shedds a fair amount. Sarah is 7 months old and hardly sheds at all. What I have apparently never paid attention to is... do cats always shed the same amount? I mean will one cat shed just as much at 7 months old as she will later in life? I'm hoping so, I like having one who doesn't shed so much.
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Certain factors can influence how much a cat sheds. One, the number of hours a cat is exposed to sunlight can trigger shedding. If you have an outdoor cat you might notice this. I know I did with my cat Benny who goes outside mostly in the spring and fall time.

Indoor cats shed more consistantly but in smaller amounts due to the artifical lighting in the house. You may also notice them shed more when the warmer weather comes in since they start to shed their thicker winter coat.

Stress and illness can tigger shedding too.

If you're concerned about shedding you can start brushing them and this helps to cut back on the hair you'll find around the house. There's also a few supplements on the market such as Mrs. Allen's shed stop but I am not sure on how well they work.
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Both of my cats are healthy indoor cats and very well adjusted.

I think Isabel does have thick fur. If I part her fur I don't see the skin. I shall try brushing her more often. She doesn't get furballs so that must be good.

I would be leary about trying any medication though.
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