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Wet meat-only versus other wet

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I've been feeding my kitties only dry food since I've had them (10 months and 2 months), but after reading numrous posts here I am considering trying to add some wet to their diets.

I was reading online and kept coming across two types of wet food: the small cans that are meat only and the larger cans that are "complete and balanced."

I want to continue to leave out dry kibble (Cal Natural - chicken and rice) so they can eat throughout the day and don't know which wet I should try. Small, all meat? Larger, balanced?

I'm sorry if this has been discussed. Please just direct me to that post. I just can't seem to find anything about this specific issue.

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The big difference is the "meat only" cans have no other supplements added. The "normal" canned food has the essential supplements a cat needs. You can feed the "meat only", but would need to supplement or feed it in moderation, I think(don't quote me, though). The "meat only" cans aren't a complete diet.

Did that make sense or help any?

If I were you, I would go for some "normal" canned foods to start with. Figure out what the kitties go for to start with. Then branch out from there.
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Yeah, I was planning on buying just a couple of cans to see how they take to it. I will still have the Cal Natural out. I also read that they can get "addicted" to the meat-only foods...spoiled little stinkers! So I'll take a look at the "normal" canned food. Any suggestions? I would definitely need something without any dairy.
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I have no specific suggestions. I mean, I know what's good & what works for me. Perhaps the best place to start is Natura products....Cal Nat, Innova, Helathwise, etc. http://www.naturapet.com/display.php?d=home-tab

Otherwise check out:
I like to order from them.

A few good brands(may not necessarily be dairy free) are:
Chicken Soup
Eagle Pack
Meow Mix wet is good
Natural Balance
Nature's Logic
Nature's Variety Prairie
Newman's Own(never met a cat that would actually eat it, though)
Pro Pac
Solid Gold

You get the picture... Do you know what to look for in a high quality food?(I don't mean to be rude asking that, either!)
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You get the picture... Do you know what to look for in a high quality food?(I don't mean to be rude asking that, either!)[/quote]

I am great when it comes to dry food, because I did loads of research and which is why I have them on Cal Natural dry (the Innova gave Merlynn diarrhea like you wouldn't believe). But when it comes to wet, I am a little lost. There just seem to be so much more "stuff" in the wet food that I am worried about what is good and what is not. But I was looking at Nature's Logic and Felidae and other brands similar to those. I purchase my pet food at Pet's Best where they sell only premium brands, so I'm sure I can find a great food there.

Besides by-products and digest, what should I NOT see in the canned food? And what should be there?
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you should make sure it is not grainy ... a bit of rice or a type of bran is okay but the first few ingrediants should be broth or water , meat , meat meat then a grain or veggie... you still want to avoid the chemical preservatives , colors and flavors .... I avoid corn ( not hard as most canned foods dont use it ...) soy things with lots of dairy products..
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