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Is anyone any good with Resume's??

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Well my job was finally posted (it's only been 2 months waiting)

So I think I need to update my resume and get some insight from an outside source. Is anyone any good with makeing you sound "Really good"
I am guarenteed an interview but I'm not guarenteed the job so I need to sound very professional my resume is 3 years out of date since I have been on contract. I don't want to loose my shot because my resume dosn't present me properly. Any help would be appreciated!~
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one tip I always remember is to list your achievements - it always easy to make a long list of tasks, but if you can actually list achievements it shows what you are capable of - it also give the interviewer something to ask you about and that will give you an opportunity to explain / expand on your strenghts

eg - sorry I dont know what sort of work you do but heres some examples & I dont know if styles are different in your country ? anyways

Introduced a new ordering system
Reduced Stationery budget by 2k within 6 mths
Opened 6 new client accounts
Improved Customer Satisfaction by 15%

They also say keep your resume short anything more than 2 pages then the reader gets bored - they have so many to read - and the 1st page should have all the 'impact' information on.

One other point - why list your hobbies & interests ......do they still do that anyway, that was seen as a bit of a padding out and why would an employer be interested in the fact that you like to collect beer mats when the job was about being a Sales Assistant for a toy manufacturer if they want to know then they will ask.

Well I hope thats make sense - Good Luck

PM me if you need me to expand on anything.
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If you need help with resumes it is worth investing in some software like WinWay Resume Deluxe. The software will practically write your resumes for you, just answer some questions. And I do mean resumes, I had different ones ready for several different job options.
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Use active verbs and spend time finding adjectives that better describe your abilities.

I'm actually interviewing several people tomorrow and was just reviewing resumes. One thing that impressed me on a particular resume was how she worded her experience. She used assertive, descriptive and active verbs. Be very clear in what you are able to do, and don't feel afraid to "jazz" your duties up a bit!

I also recommend including some hobbies/interests, but just one line of this:
ex: reading, writing fiction, skiing. That helps personalize the resume a bit.

Always list experience first unless you have more education than experience. Does that make sense? LOL
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My husband is really good at this stuff (he's a PR/advertising guy after all ). I'm sure he'd be willing to talk with you online or on the telephone. He recently did one up for someone who came to him at his part-time job at Kinkos, and the lady paid him for it. I don't know if he'd charge you, but I'm sure he'd talk to you at least, and maybe even write it for you if you were to send him some incentive.
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Good Luck getting the job!
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After reading over 300 resumes in the last few weeks, feel free to send it to me and I can point out which parts would make us put you in the yes or no files.

As far as 'jazzing' up your resume, most employers do check, so don't go over the top doing it, all it takes is one little thing that doesn'ty add up in a reference and they won't believe anything on your resume

Work on your cover letter also, a surprising number of resumes go in the garbage because they don't have a cover letter or it just doesn't 'jump' at the employer
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Use a good quality, heavyweight cotton paper, and matching envelope. Choose a very light grey or beige paper to help your resume stand out. Make sure the print on the envelope matches the resume, too.

Also, eagerness to learn the job is better than experience.
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IMO gear the resume to get the job. If the job calls for certain qualifications, list those.

For example, say its a teller position, but you come from a lot of retail (at the mall) jobs. Instead of including the parts about how you restocked shelves and helped customers in the dressing room, focus more on the cash register aspect of it and closing out the drawer, opening the drawer and somewhere include something nice like being friendly towards customers.

Oh and if you have a goofy email address, one that doesn't reflect your name at all, depending on what it is get a new one that a bit err...professional.

We use to laugh at the funny email addresses like "hotmama42 AT someplace.com" There were other email addresses much worse then that...
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Yeah, many of ours go in the bottom pile of resumes just because of the email addy!
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