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Saw this somewhere else and thought it would be kinda neat to see how it turns out. I will use this format.

I consider myself lucky because_________________

You can post as much as you would like.
Just tell us what in your life makes you feel lucky.
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Because i'm healthy, my girls are healthy, i'm comfortable financially, i own my own house, have fabulous friends, a great family and a fabulous man
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I consider myself lucky because_I have a best friend that would help me bury a body if need be! And the best 2 cats in the world!
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I consider myself lucky because, most days I love my life, my home, my friends and my cats (who keep me grounded and always put a smile on my face!)
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I consider myself lucky because I have a wonderful/loving/caring husband, 4 wonderful/loving/behave for the MOST part kids,my furbabies and my wonderful TCS friends.
I also have a VERY special Angel in Heaven that is watching over my family and I.
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im Lucky because I work 2nd shift and all the crazy drivers arent out to slip and slide in the snow/slush

but seriously
Im lucky because today when I had a favor pulled in by our ultrasound tech I got to see my Pickle at 12 weeks bouncing around and holding his/her hand/thumb to its mouth. So far everything is going okay and Pickle is looking good. Thats all I could ever ask for and I feel so lucky and blessed!
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