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G'day :)

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G'day everyone
I just joined the group and thought I'd say a quick hello.
My name is Louise and I live in Australia with my boyfriend Lee.
We have a 9 month old russian blue kitten and his name is Orion (or
Holyoak Lord Lipka).
Orion came to us via plane from Perth over on the other side of Australia. Soon he will be joined by a russian black kitten who is about 8 weeks old now.
If you'd like to see some pictures then please feel free to have a look at Orion's webpage.
Anyway, look forward to chatting.
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Hi Louise!

Welcome to the site. I know I speak for all when I say we are looking forward to getting to know and see you around as well.
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Hi Louise,Welcome to
I am very new myself but really like this site already.
Orion is absolutely georgeous and hope to see pics of new kitten soon.
I have 2 persians,well pet quality anyway,Bailey and Sunny the loves of my life.
Well Again,wellcome and best wishes
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Hey You!!!!!!!!! Has the dryer stopped yet????????
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Welcome to you all! You sound like a lovely bunch.

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Welcome to you and your furbabes! Orion is absolutely gorgeous. I love Russian Blues. I'd never seen a Russian Black before. They are gorgeous, too.

Hope to hear more from you!
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Hi Louise

Another member of the Aussie possey (sp)!!!

Great to have you and your Russian Blue, Orion here (named after the kitty in 5th Element - or was tha MIB1)?

Either way - hi there!
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Thanks for all the warm welcomes
Yes I am another Aussie addition to the group and a big thanks to Bundylee for introducing me to the site (and yes, the dryer did finish
I saw your post too Veronica and your persians are gorgeous.
I did sort of get the idea for Orion's name from seeing it used in the movie MIB1. The main reason for using that name though is because Lee and I both love astronomy. We're now searching for a "star" related name for our new kitten. The favourite so far is Draco.
Anyway, thanks again for welcoming me.
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Good to see you and Orion made it mate!!!
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Yes we did and many thanks to you for telling me about the site...I love it already
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Ah Mate I just thought it would be purrrrfect for you LOL!! and I thought you would be a great addition to the family heheheh! (Hmmmmm that sounded a bit like the mafia!) Also it's good to get the Aussie numbers up especially with some of these rascally 'Mericans you know! They need all sorts of help with explaining things like Vegemite, and Kangaroos and Steve Erwin not really being a sexy super star an all. So have fun and watch out for that cheeky woman Jeanie G!! She is such a tease but we do love her! Oooppppsss I hope she doesn’t read this post.
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Aussie Aussie Aussie....

....OY OY OY !!!!!!!

Steve Irwin
My ex boyfriend is related to him...aaarrggghhhh
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Oh dear!!!!!!!!! Don't tell them that!!!!!!!!! They will all want to come visit and get your ex to introduce them!!!!!!!! Hmmmmm did your ex like to wrestle crocs too????

Harry just jumped on my lap and pushed the keyboard shelf straight back trying to rub on it! Gee it's hard to type when he does that!!! I think he is trying to tell me something!

I took some quick photos LOL!!! no mean feat with one hand, a mad cat on your lap and at such close range LOL. Sorry I just couldn't help myself!!!
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Notice the claws digging into my leg! Waaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!
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I think he means business!!!!!!!
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Ok, I'll keep that one quiet then...hahaha
No the ex did not like to wrestle crocs but his brother-in-law Greg Irwin has a thing about there's something in the
Awwww Harry is so cute! Looks like he's as pushy as Orion when it comes to seeking attention from pc users.
Ok, I've gotta try this picture attaching.
Here goes nothing...
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Ah Man Orion is so beauuuuuuuuuutiful!!!!!!! I see he caught the mouse. Well done on the picture attaching. Now you have worked it out you'll be catching up to me LOL. The do like to sit on the pc don't they, I think if you are doing anything that takes away your attention from them they decide to physically become part of what you are doing. Whether you like it or not hehhehe!!! You can also pic an Avatar which is the little pictures next to your name on the left hand collum too. So have fun with that. If you need help yell!
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LOL look out...I have figured out the picture attachments!
Orion just wants attention all the time. As soon as we walk in the door each day he's at our feet and you've got to keep an eye on him because he jumps up. He will jump into our arms from wherever he is!
I wonder if that's a russian trait and if your Tatyana and our new kitten will do it too? lol
Oh ok, I noticed the avatars but thought maybe they were for more established members. Well, I will just have to go and check it out then...another new thing to figure out...hehe
Let's try another
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Orion has a fascination with the toilet being
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I want a turn on the computer!
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Wow, this is really interesting Daddy....
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Well done mate!!!!!!! Funny how the pic you chose for your avatar doesn't surprise me LOL :tounge2:

He will jump into our arms from wherever he is! I wonder if that's a russian trait and if your Tatyana and our new kitten will do it too
Yes it is a Russian Blue Trait and they also like to ride on your sholders so I guess it is a real possibility that Tatyana and your new baby will do the same thing!!! I can't wait LOL! Hayley jumps but with claws and tends to only do it when the mobile phone rings as she goes skitso when that happens, I used to have friends come visit me but they don't anymore LOL!!! She jumped onto my back a while back and it hurt like *****!!!! I still have the scars!!! There is nothing dainty or elegant about my Hayley so if you come for a visit beware and watch her if your phone rings okay!!
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Yeah, the avatar picture that I'd choose was kind of obvious huh? lol
Uh oh...I might end up with 2 cats trying to jump in my arms all the time!
You can't stand still around Orion...or if you do you have to hold out your hands in front to stop him...or he lands in your arms.

*Note to self* phones either on silent mode or turned off at their can we decide between these 2 cuties??!!
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Email me a bigger pic so I can study them LOL!
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I've only got little pictures at the moment but I'm sure Cherie will send me some larger ones when they're a little older.
I will email you the pics I have so far though.
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Welcome to the site, although I can see you've made yourself at home here already! LOL And mastered the art of posting pictures - I'm most impressed.

Orion is beautiful. He sounds like a real sweetie. I didn't know there was such a thing as Russian Blacks. They are so adorable, but I'm partial to black cats in general. My Trent is a big fluffy black kitty. I wouldn't know which one of those two to pick, either.
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Thanks for the welcome
Yes I'm getting the hang of it now. Always fun to learn new things.
Thanks again. He is a sweetie. Very loving and affectionate.
Yep, there are other colours around, white, tabby, etc. But not that many yet.
Lee and I both love black cats too and originally back in May he made enquiries with the breeder we found because she bred russian blacks.
She was expecting a litter later on but had blues available then. We love the blues as well of course so decided to get one of those first and put our name down for a black later.
So Orion joined our family and soon he will have a new friend to play with.
Awww Trent sounds gorgeous Does he have his picture posted somewhere in the site?
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Well, gee, since you asked and all...(I don't need much pushing to show off my baby!)
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Awwwww...what a gorgeous kitty!!
You must be very proud
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