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Bug has been rushed off to the vet's

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Vibes that it's nothing serious please.

She was in my lap and made a hasty retreat, she wanted to go play.
Her right back leg got caught on the arm of my chair.
She flopped down and cried and bit me when I picked her up.

She puts weight on it and walks, but limps badly and turns her knee to the inside and isn't jumping.

Jeremy has just taken her in to be seen.

Hopefully it's just a sprain.
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~Major Vibes headed your way!~
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Oh no, how scary! Vibes that its nothing serious!!
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Poor kitty! Lots of get well vibes headed her way!
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oh, the poor thing!

**healing vibes**
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Sending major vibes for Bug.
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Poor baby, lots of healing vibes being sent to Bug.
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Wow, fast service!
Her vet looked her over, gave her leg a hands on and felt nothing out of place.
They gave her a steroid/pain combo shot and sent her home.
If she's still walking funny on Monday they want her in for x-rays.

They also remarked on her incredible size
She was born at the clinic, so they all remember my poor, runty, sickly little girl.

So, here's hoping still that it is only a sprain and no return will be needed.
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*nothing serous vibes* ...............................*nothing serious vibes*
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Tons & tons of positive healing (=(=(=(=( vibes )=)=)=)=) whizzing your way for sweet Bug and she wont need to go back to the vets for that x-ray
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Awww Bug...
Mommy & Daddy are taking such good care of you sweetie pie.
Lots of healing vibes are on the way.
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Thanks everyone, I've just been in tears and of course J was laughing at me for feeling like it was my fault.
She'e my baby though, I bottle fed her and tended to her when it was still unsure as to whether or not she'd live to be 5 months old.
Now her second birthday is coming up.

I'm so glad we live so close to the clinic and that they all feel like she's their baby too.
We called ahead and they were all waiting for her.

I'll feel so terribly guilty if it turns out she's broken something.
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I think that we all feel horrible when our sweetie pies get hurt.
She is your precious Love Bug.
I will be watching for your updates.
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Vibes for (not so) little Ivory! I can't believe she's almost two, I remember when she was just a tiny little thing hanging out with her tiger buddy! {{{{{{{Get well}}}}}} soon vibes for precious Bug!
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Big vibes that she is just fine....
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I'm glad they didn't see anything seriously wrong... lets hope its nothing!
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Good vibes for a speedy recovery!
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I am glad that nothing appeared to be wrong
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Glad it doesn't appear to be anything serious! lots of vibes for it to heal up over the weekend
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Bug remains in my thoughts.
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Well, she's not limping anymore, but she has not been running around the house like a mad kitty like she normally does either.
Instead of turning around like a normal cat, she usually rears up and does a jump pivot.
She did one yesterday, cried about it and went and lay down.
post #22 of 24's still hurting her.
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Thanks everyone!

Well, today Ivory is back to running and playing and barking and just being her normal self, so no follow up visit for her tomorrow!
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That is wonderful news.
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