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What wierd things do you call cat stuff? - Page 2

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Anything other than their standard dry food = num nums

Paws = footsies

Stomach = tum tum

If I tell Chynna "Give Mum kisses" or "Kiss Kiss" or "love bugs love bugs", she will lick my nose.

That's all i can think of.
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Originally Posted by Epona View Post
Kitty Staples - cat bite marks, usually to be found on book covers or the edges of an important form (job application, tax return etc) that you left unattended for a nanosecond (the parrot is the hole punch)
Kitty Staples! I love that!!
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Originally Posted by valanhb View Post
Kitty Staples! I love that!!
Alas I can't take credit for it myself, I read the term a while back in a thread here and it immediately became part of our regular vocabulary!

I forgot one:

Wall of Death - when they charge around and around at top speed without seeming to touch the ground
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Originally Posted by Mom2SalemIsis View Post
im not sure i would have put these is the same post........
That was too much for me.
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I don't use alot of these aside from their personal nick names.

Eye boogies = that eye gunk they get
Chubby tummy = spay sway or for wickett the fact that he's a little chuncky
The Lava Game = much like the wall of death this is when they leap from one piece of furniture to another w/out touching the ground... as if it's made of lava.
Stink but = Wickett when he has a dingleberry and I suppose dingleberry in itself is one too.
Dreads = mats in their fur

I think thats about it.
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litter box = stinky box
poo = stinky
"spay sway" = jelly belly
walk = outie out out
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Originally Posted by jcat View Post
"spay sway" = jelly belly
My version of jelly belly is "Sugar Momma" lol that's our affectionate term for Jasmine- hehe, she's definitely a little jelly belly
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I usually don't have any cutesy names for anything...
but I caught myself telling a nippy stray yesterday "No teethies, that's not nice".

DH sometimes calls Tomas's toy mouse "mousey" when Tomas brings it to him to play fetch.
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Uh, I'm glad someone else started this, not me!! I always thought I was a little weird for all of the names I've got going on. Now before I thoroughly embarrass myself, please keep in mind that no one else knows about these little names, so let's keep it that way, okay?!

Let's start with the "normal" ones:
stomach: tummy/tum-tum/jelly belly
bottom: bum-bum

Names for the kittens together:
The Boys
Tins or Tin-Tins (as in the last syllable of kittens)
Hungry-Hungry Hippos (when it's dinner and they're tripping over me to get their food)
The Littlest Hobos (because they were tiny strays)
Baby Belugas (yeah, don't ask cause even I don't know...)

Nicknames for Pekoe:
Pea/Sweet Pea
OJ (as in Orange Pekoe)

Nicknames for Nigel (and this is where it gets really weird...):
Ni (as in the first syllable of his name)
Ni-jo (to rhyme with Pekoe)
Jelly/Jelly Belly

Obviously I'm giving them some sort of identity crisis, calling them so many different things I'm surprised they even know who they are!
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