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Hello everyone

I'm a 21 year old guy, studying criminal justice and psychology at the university right now. I do welding and metal fabrication to pay the bills. Interests include playing guitar, working on cars, snowmobiling, hunting & fishing, scuba diving, and jetskiing/boating/all the stuff you do at a lake.

Id say that I'm a "cat guy" because (especially compared to dogs) theyre rather independent and you have to work for their affection (especially my cat). kinda like me. I tend to think that compared to other domestic pets, theyre very unchanged from their wild relatives. I mean, you see more tiger in a cat than you do wolf in a cocker spaniel (no offense to spaniel owners, theyre fine dogs).

This is the only decent picture I could find of my cat Sean. He's mostly a maine coon (there could be something else in there since we have no papers, but the Vet concurs that he's a coon), about 4 years old, weighs around 19.5lbs. He has by far the best and most complex personality of any cat I've had, and he's very vocally communicative.
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He is such a BIG handsome guy!
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Hi welcome to TCS, this is such a great site and everyone here is so nice and friendly Also this site can be informative and fun too o my Sean is such a cutie pie soooo GORGEOUS, I cant wait to see more pics we photos here !!! But he is such a big gorgoeus guy !!!!Well see u on the forums
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Thanks for the comments. I swear, there's a whole 'nother cat just in his tail alone, haha
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Originally Posted by Jaws808 View Post
Thanks for the comments. I swear, there's a whole 'nother cat just in his tail alone, haha
thats part of the main coones i know my willie is a mix i think we got him from a shelter when he was 3 and hes going on 11 but i even had breeders of Main coones tell me thats what he was but their tails are generally just soo fluffy adn long and big but thats one of the things I love the most about the main coones, that and their ruffs !!!
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He's gorgeous! He looks so at home curled up there in the window. Maine Coons are my absolute favorite cats too.

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and a warm welcome to you and your adorable kitty Its great here, theres always lots to do and see, it can become a bit of an addiction

Well glad you dropped in to join us do keep posting photos of Sean we love photos here

Enjoy the forums !!
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Hi & welcome to TCS! Sean is gorgeous! It sounds like you really understand each other.

If you have any questions as you find your way around the site, please feel free to click on my username and send me a private message. I'll be happy to help.
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Hello and welcome. Look at your beautiful Sean taking in some sunshine..He is stunning!
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Hola y bienvenido a TCS!..
(Translate: Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!.....)

See you on the forums!
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He's gorgeous, I'm partial to fluffy cats. Most of my cats have been part long haired + one pure bred persian. My new baby Blossom has a fluffy tail like a maine coon.
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Hello Welcome to the forum!
Sean is gorgeous! He reminds me of my RB kitty Chuckie.

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Wow, Sean is gorgeous! I look forward to hopefully seeing more photos of him in Fur Pictures!
Glad you've joined us here, you'll find a lot of great information and very friendly members!
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Sean is just beautiful
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What a doll!!! to the site and I hope to see you and Sean around the forums. Be careful though it is quite addictive!
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Welcome, Big Sean and Jaws,

to TheCatSite. Thank you for adopting Sean, for loving him, and for sharing his very handsome photo with us. Yep, he's definitely a Maine Coon all right -- his size, his conformations, and his facial features all tell me that. My folks' beloved Maine Coon passed a couple of years back, and except for his coloration -- blue cream -- he looked just like Sean.

Enjoy the forums. Real men LOVE CATS!!!
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Thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself and Sean! What a cute cat he is!
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