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Has anyone seen the commercial with the cat running into the glass door? I don't remember what it is for. It is the funniest thing.

Well, Kiki has been doing this. I mean she is really going smack into the glass. She starts playing and running around and she sees her reflection in the glass and she charges after it and she doesn't stop. This is the funniest thing I have ever seen.

When she hits the glass she backs off and shakes her head and off she goes playing. Then she will do it again.

I am afraid that she is going to hurt herself.

Just wanted to share this.
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hey Nicki-

You can put decals or hang small stained glass ornaments on this door to stop Kiki from doing this and potentially hurting herself. It may look funny, but she could really injure herself, so try putting some decals down about her level so she realizes that is not the outdoors she is running to.

I have a sliding glass door and it has cat decals on it, and my windows are decorated with hanging stained glass designs. This also stops birds from crashing into your windows.
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That's a great idea Hissy!

I know the commercial you are talking about, it's the one with the crows, I think it is for Windex or something...I always feel sorry for the poor cat even though I know it isn't real!
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