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My cat is only friendly when...

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Hes on my bed. The rest of the time, he just sort of pounces around, not being affectionate. If you reach down to pet him he runs away through the nearest doorway then pokes his head around the corner. He'll be sitting somewhere, and if you get up to go to another part of the house he leaps up and runs away, but keeps looking back to make sure you're still chasing him (even though you have no intention of messing with the cat). I think he just likes playing hard to get.

But if you go to my bedroom, he usually gets up and follows you, jumps on the bed, and is extremely affectionate. Its like his "safe zone" for being a nice kitty, and he has to act like a badass the rest of the time. Such a predictable, funny cat.
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How old is your kitty? This would have a lot to do with the way he acts. It has been my experience that a cat's personality is constantly changing throughout their life.
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My cat Tony is like that. I don't mind it, because hes so nice when I go to bed.
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Radar has his moments where he is affectionate, and he is quite set in his routine.

When I get up in the morning and go into the sitting room (where Radar sleeps) he runs out of the door, then I tell him it's cuddle time and he chirps and follows me over to the sofa for cuddles.

The rest of the time he has a 'eeeeew no kisses, get off me mum!' kind of attitude towards affection. He does love being chased around the flat by us tho, it's one of his favourite games, finding a hiding place, leaping out and bopping us and then running off looking for a new place to hide.

I have to say though that although it's usually affection on his terms only (and when he is in the mood he's a complete lovebug), he does love to be picked up and carried. He goes really floppy in your arms and purrs madly, he lets me kiss his head if I am carrying him.

Sonic on the other hand is always all over both of us, but doesn't like to be picked up, he goes a bit rigid and wriggles! Has to be done though, that kitten is always getting into things and having to be picked up and moved!
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Thats a good way to put it, on his terms only. Exactly describes my cat.

Persi: He's 4 to 4.5 years old, we're not sure since he came from a shelter. That was their and the vet's guess of age. He was a large cat when we got him, but he's definately put on some weight and size in the two years I've had him.
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I think you're all missing the point - he WANTS to be chased, that's how cat friends play! Chase him and see what happens - he'll probably have a ball, as long as you don't really threaten him, or corner him for longer than a second. He's bored! Do you play with him otherwise, with toys? Ever consider getting a roommate for him?
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My cat is somewhat similar. He will lay on me for cuddles only in the bed usually. He rarely sits on the furniture, let alone sleeps on it. He usually sleeps somewhere in the basement or under the bed or chair. He does flop down on the floor in front of you and enjoys petting though. My back would appreciate if he would just sit on the couch instead.

My reasoning for this is my two young kids (age 4 and 6) -- I don't think he could get comfy on the couch for any length of time before being ambushed by one of them. A couple of nights ago, long after the kids went to bed, he actually jumped up on the couch and took a snooze. First time I've seen it in 8 months.

Anyhow, he is almost 1 year old and seems to be gaining more confidence. As he grows and the children grow, I am sure he will lounge all over the house.

PS: my kitty also loves to be chased.
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I figured out why he acts like this. I live alone with my cat (and the guinea pig). He only has me to deal with and since I feed him, clean his litter box, and I'm much bigger, I'm the dominant one here. My room smells like me 'cause of the bed, clothes, desk, and everything. The rest of the apartment probably smells like him since he can rub up against everything and I'm not out there nearly as much. Since my room is my territory cause it smells like me, he takes a submissive attitude when he's in here, which includes getting petted and being friendly. Outside its mainly his smells so he thinks he's dominant, and has to be on guard to defend his territory, chasing everyone and everything.
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