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Bob Seger!

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Me and a couple of my friends are going to see Bob Seger in Detroit on the
15th! I am really excited! I have liked him as long as I can remember!
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OMG, I saw him about twenty years ago in Dallas. The parking lot was totally filled with motorcycles and people in black leather jackets! It was a great concert; you are going to love it.
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You'll have a great time!
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Have tons of fun Jodie!!!!
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We saw him about 10 years ago. It was a good show.

Has anyone ever figured out how come Ramblin Gamblin Man isn't on his greatest hits CD?
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Lucky you! Bob Seger rocks.

And I agree, Ramblin' Man is an awesome song.
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my mom loves Night Moves!
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My favorite would have to be Jodi Girl (I guess because that's my name... )
Actually, I have a lot of favorites!
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Turn The Page is one of DH's favorite songs. (of all artists) He demands absolute quiet whenever it comes on.

I like quite a few...Beautiful Loser and Mainstreet come to mind first, but there's plenty more.
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One more week! BTW, I just put his "SMOKI'N O.P.'S album on my I-pod. Now if I could only figure out how to put his several tapes that I have on my I-pod. If somebody here knows how to do this, I would be obliged!
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WoooHooo for you! How great that you'll be seeing one of the great ones live! Awesome! He was just here in Houston last month but durn it, durn it, DURN IT!!! we didn't make the show

He's got some grrrrreat stuff. My fav is Roll Me Away...reminds me so much of my son in a very sweet but sad way. Another fav is The Fire Inside! Love it! Um...Against The Wind...dang, love that one too....and of course Turn The Page....awesome!

Have a great time!
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Woot!! Have fun Tammy!! Don't get mugged in Detroit though
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Well, tomorrow is the big night!
We got our hotel and all the good stuff all set!
And no, Trout's mom- we will not be getting mugged if at all possible, I watch my surroundings quite well. (Well, if you consider that I am not Tammy but Jodi- I may get the Tammy name stolen from me.... hehehe)
Sorry, had to get the TCS freak when I had the chance...
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