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I Lost A Great Friend....

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I'm new to the forum and I wish I had found it earlier. I lost my friend UMI Tuesday evening and just wanted to share his story with some fellow feline lovers. Support is a wonderful thing and I guess I just can't get enough right now. This was a difficult loss for many, many reasons. I do have two other cats, but he was the king of the castle. The following is a copy and paste from a sports board I frequent.

We lost our feline friend UMI ( pronounced ooome and named after the initials of my business that he found his way to ) last night. Here's a bit of his history with us. He was in terrible condition when he found us, severely dehydrated with an infected wound to boot. It took weeks to nurse him back to health, feeding him pedialite through an eyedropper and soft food by hand, but what a specimen he turned into. He was 17 pounds of true alpha male with claws that could make a wood scratching post splinters in a matter of weeks . He was a silver tabby with markings that would rival a work of art. He was fiercely independent and although he was an inside cat, there was a wildness in him that couldn't be tamed. Trust me, I tried for years and just finally gave up. If he wanted to do it, he did and damned the consequences. There was also something very regal in him. The way he walked and especially the way he laid on his belly with a front paw extended and his chin held high. He reminded me of a male tiger overlooking his territory. However, he was also affectionate. In fact he could be just as affectionate and gentle as he was independent.

Last Friday evening we noticed his breathing was a bit rapid but he otherwise seemed fine. By Sunday morning he was showing signs of discomfort so Sunday afternoon we brought him to the vet school at UF. A chest x-ray showed a mass of fluid in his chest cavity that was compressing his lungs. We knew then that this was serious and given his age, cancer was probable. They did a chest tap to remove as much fluid as they could and we got him back on Monday morning and advised us that they could not get him to eat or drink. Back at home he continued to refuse to eat and drink and even growled at me for trying to feed him. It was then that I knew instinct had taken over. He knew he was dying and was acting to bring his last breath sooner. I spent all night Monday comforting him as best I could. Again, instinct took over, and while he purred when I touched him, he moved away after a short period. I knew that his death was inevitable and I prayed for God to take him while he was in his home and amongst friends. It wasn't to be. We brought him to the vet Tuesday morning where they hydrated him and gave him nutrition. he was alert and holding his own. We were scheduled to pick him up at 5 and bring him home where he would be more comfortable. We received a call at 4:45 that he had collapsed from a massive heart attack and was gone. His pain was finally at an end. While we grieve his passing, we are thankful that his suffering was short.

We don't really know how old UMI was because he was an adult when our paths crossed. He was with us for 11 great years and we feel fortunate he came into our lives. So long old friend. Thank-you for everything.

Thanks for listening, guys.
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I am so sorry for you loss of UMI. It sounds like you had a wonderful 11 years of pleasure and he knew he was loved. How great you were to take him in and nurse him back to health. UMI, play happily now at RB
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I'm truly sorry for your loss of UMI It's quite obvious that UMI was loved so much by you

He's well again now over at the bridge, and you will see him again when the time is right. Do you have a picture of the little angel?.

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Your story is so touching and beautiful, it brings tears to my eyes reading it. I'm so sorry you lost your beloved Umi. I know that there are no words to take away your pain. I am here if you ever want to talk about him. He sounds like her very much was a King in your household. I always called my girl Alley my queen, or my tyrant. Maybe they have met up over the rainbow bridge and can hold court together somewhere.

Rest in peace Umi, wonderful boy.
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I am so sorry for your loss, I am sending hugs and prayers from Mississippi for you, I hope you feel better soon.

Please know that UMI is now healthy and playing over at the bridge.
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I am so sorry for your lost of UMI!

Sounds like he had a wonderful home for 11 long years.
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Oh I am sorry about your loss of sweet UMI, he was certainly a special kitty and friend You obviously have some wonderful memories of Umi and hopefully those memories will make you smile time

RIP Sweet UMI, enjoy your time over the Bridge, there are some special kitties there that will look after you
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Thank-You all for your kind words of support. Sadly, we lost all of our pictures, including digital shots on disc, during a recent move. I was going to store the digitals on an off-site server but put it off until after the move. I can't tell you how much I regret that. Luckily, I'll not lose my memories.

We do have two cats that will now gain a little bit of extra attention. Onyx is jet black and wandered into our lives about 6 years ago. She was also in bad condition and infested with ear mites that left her almost completely deaf. Because of her deafness, she stays inside. Her and UMI got along for the most part, but his dominance over her was sometimes extreme and difficult to control. She brought with her two 6 week old kittens that we also kept as outdoor " yard cats ". Brody was a male that, sadly, was struck and killed by a car two years ago. His sister, Sissy, is still with us and remains a bit on the wild side. Aside from our family and the vet, she has never made contact with another human. She is a good soul and absolutely lives to be outdoors.

Again, thanks for the wishes and I'm happy to have found this site.
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I'm so sorry for the loss of your precious UMI. Rest peacefully, sweet boy, and play happily over the bridge!
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Originally Posted by Boo! View Post
Sadly, we lost all of our pictures, including digital shots on disc, during a recent move.
That's a shame But like you say you have the memories and no one can take those from you
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
That's a shame But like you say you have the memories and no one can take those from you
Rosie, thank-you for your kind words and gift. It is very much appreciated! Cheers!

And, again, thanks to all of you!
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If you can post your other babies in fur pics as well because we'd love to see them If you need any help just let me know.
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Ah poor UMI. RIP little buddy. I am sorry for your loss
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I am so sorry to hear of your loss, but he had 11 wonderful years with you, and with the state he was in when you first got him, he had no chance of that timespan, so he had that purely down to your dedication. RIP little one.
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UMI sounds like such a special boy I'm so very sorry for you loss.

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