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That's it! The closet doors stay open from now on!

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Poor Dr. D Claw! He was stuck in my hall closet all night. DH didn't see him and didn't do a head count when he went to sleep. We woke up this morning to one very upset kitty that dashed to his litter box!

I'm never shutting a closet door in this apartment again. I don't care if the closet monster comes and gets me!
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Oh NO poor baby.

Just get use to doing a head count. When you wake up in the AM, when you come home, before you leave your home, before you go to bed. It makes life so much more smoother when you are at the grocery store and you KNOW you did the head count before you left and all was well.
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Poor Dr. Claw! We seem to constantly do head counts here too. My crew will certainly let you know if they have been shut up anywhere though!
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I swore to this myself several months ago. I just go to hang a coat up in the closet and Persi can be back in a dark corner in a nanosecond. Of course I never see him and then shut the door. So what usually happens is we are sitting watching TV at night at one of us will mention "Have you seen Persi lately?" and then one of us gets up and goes and opens all the closet doors looking for him and there he will be.
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The poor sweet baby!
He was probably scared too!
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The same thing happened to me. Poor kitty got locked in my bedroom closet. I didn't feel too bad about it. I had shooed all the kitties out of my room because I don't like them playing with all the shiny-stringy things that hang in my closet.

After I shooed them all out I remembered something I needed for work that was in my closet, I went to get it, got it, closed the closet door again and went to work.

Luckily it was a short shift, because Spook had followed me into the closet. The carpet got fluffed near the door, and she was not completly traumatized because she stills enjoys visiting the closet and spending time there.
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That happened to my Ginger once. I panicked when I couldn't find her; my roomie had shut her in his closet that he almost never goes into.

I made him open it just in case - with him swearing that there is no way she was in there, and sure enough, there she was, curled up and snoozing on a box in the nice quiet darkness.
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We have done that here before also, so that is why I now also do the head count thing. It does give me peace of mind knowing that none of them were locked up, or left out.
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It happens sometimes with people too...right, Belinda????

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Awww poor Dr Claw! Sounds as though he handled it well though It's good he knew not to pee in there!

He would have been confused, but he would have just slept all night - and I'm sure he'll keep on going into cupboards!
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I feel for him though... DH is in for it when we get home. I'm slightly ticked.
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Awwwwwww, poor thing. Trout always gets herself locked in my hallway closet or bedroom closet. I have to actively check both closets before leaving the house

Its kinda funny when you find them though..they take a flying leap into the litterbox and let out a meow of disapproval
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Oh Don't give DH too much - You may do it yourself some day

I did it just the other day to Diesel - We were fixing the blinds so we shut the cats out to stop them getting to the blinds and of course Diesel must have just snuck in, so I shut the door on him!

And I didn't realise until the next morning! So he was in there for over 12 hours! Oh boy did I feel bad!

But he just looked at me as though to say, "Ok, going to the litter box now" He didn't care in the slightest!
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My friend was laughing at me one night before we went out for having to know where Anya was before we left. Good thing I looked though. She had dashed into the linen closet when I was getting out a towel earlier, and I found her curled up in the blankets.
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That has happened to my cats a few times in the bedroom. I have to keep the door shut when I'm not home or Fred will take out his annoyance at my absence and poo or pee on the bed. The funny thing is the few times he has been locked in the room for 12 hours while I'm at work (by accident of course) he didn't poo/pee on the bed!!! Go figure.

When I had a cleaning lady a few years back, I always had to remind her not to shut closet doors, as one day I came home to my cat shut in the closet.
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i always do a head count before i go anywhere or go to sleep
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Originally Posted by neetanddave View Post
It happens sometimes with people too...right, Belinda????

Oh my goodness, It took me a minute to figure out what you were talking about.
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Originally Posted by lookingglass View Post
I feel for him though... DH is in for it when we get home. I'm slightly ticked.
I feel sorry for your DH, I know he didn't mean to do that.

And poor Dr. Claw too.
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My boys locked themselves in the bathroom today. I came home and there were no little faces to meet me so I got concerned and went looking for them. I guess they were playing in the bathroom and knocked the door shut. On the plus side, they had their litter boxes with them! But no food or water, and really no place soft to sleep.... though I don't actually know how long they were in there for!
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Awww- poor little guy Velvet does that every now and then- i ALWAYS have to check for her before and after i get anything from closets when she's around
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