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Wesley usually sits by my chair and stares up at me while I eat. Every once in a while I give him a piece of meat or something. I always wait until I am done eating, then bring a piece to his bowl. It seems like he knows if he waits patiently, then he will get a treat. I don't have a problem with him jumping on the table. Some times he reaches up with his paw and taps my arm while I eat. I just say firmly "No" and push him away. Usually he just walks away but if he smells something he wants he waits for his reward. Cats have fun and neat personalities, don't they?
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We made the seriouse mistake of feeding the cats on the kitchen table so that the dogs could not eat the cat food so we have to eat in the living room on our laps as any food on the table they see as there for cats all 3 of ours will beg and the eldest love the empty cob when we have had corn
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Most of my crew are good about not begging. I can usually depend on Fluffy to jump on the table to inspect my meal, though. I put him on the floor and tell him this is food for meowmy not him. He's usually back on the table within seconds. It takes two or three attempts for him to get the point. Kolohe and Eric will also come to inspect but leave if I move them or at least go to the other side of the table and wait hopefully. They never get anything from me so they wait in vain.
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I have been laughing while reading all these posts. Most of it relates to our household. I have double sided sticky tape around, which worked for a while, but now Blossom just jumps over it. I must try the bubble wrap. She's always jumping onto the kitchen counter, one place I don't think cats belong. She thinks she can get onto anything.
I made the mistake of letting her lick my cereal bowl when a baby. Now she comes running when she hears the spoon clink the bowl. She also thinks she can help me eat everything I have. I've never had such a persistant kitten before.
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The funniest eating behaviour I've seen is my exhusbands favorite cat sharing dinner with him. She sits on the table on the opposite side of his plate and every second bite she grabs his food, from the fork, with her claws and put it in her mouth. That I call having dinner together.
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Originally Posted by Kiva13 View Post
I'm just wondering how many other people on this board have cats who beg for food and try to eat out of their bowls. It was actually kind of funny. I spread packing tape, sticky side up, all over the kitchen table with the fantasy of being able to eat in peace. Of course it didn't work out that way because my plate got stuck to the table, along with my arms, and it wasn't very pleasant.

My cat did stay off the table though so I thought it was a success. However, we had a group of people over the other day, and so I took the tape off the table. Today he was sitting on it just like before. I have taken to walking around the house with a plate in my hand. Not good.

My wife and I have developed what's commonly known in Prisons as the "Guard position". That's where you eat with one hand and take the other arm and sort of "guard" your plate like prisoners do at meal times to keep other prisoners from stealing food.

Our cat Poe actually gets agitated if we eat for too long and don't give him something. He has even bitten once. (He got a stay in the carrier for 30 minutes for that little incident).

He's worse with my wife though. All i have to do is point my finger at him and say NO very sternly and he'll sit down and watch me eat. The worst he's done with me is try to stick his paw in my ice cream once so he could lick it off. It's actually a "move" he has. I call it the reach-over. Because he takes his paw and pretends like he's reaching up to grab your finger or something, and then tries to dive it into the bowl or onto the plate and grab something real quick. hehe.

I figure it's just something we have to live with. Some previous owner might have fed him their food or perhaps he picked up the habit as a stray, but come mealtimes it's always an issue for us.
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My cats will do one of 3 things:
- Wash their paws in the bowl.
- Eat as well, or try and filch something and then eat it, or just moan.
- Use the litter tray in the kitchen and stink it out just as we are about to eat.
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abi was brought up to never even enter the dining room in our former house and so now while she can come in the dining room here in Portland she just sits nearby on a bench and quietly waits while we eat dinner.
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I have one that will sit there and never even lift a paw (Max) but Baby Kitty loves her food and would stick her face right in the bowl if I let her. When I am eating at home I try to feed them some wet food at the same time. Gives me time to eat with a little peace but I have to be quick about it!
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LOL...My Nermal is a meat addict, especially when it comes to chicken and mince - she will sit as close to me as possible and stare at the food on my plate

Lily on the other hand is a dairy fanatic, whether it be yoghurt, ice-cream,dessert with cream in or milk - she will do her best to try and get to it, but of course we don't let them have being kitties and all.
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Leo and Spooky Bear are obsessed with trying to get whatever we're eating. The other cats will watch us while we eat but don't really try to "steal" it... but given half a chance Leo and Spook WILL steal the food. I have been standing before holding a plate and Spooky has jumped off of the nearest high spot onto me.
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Wonton is actually really polite about it - he stays away from us while we eat - just sits on the floor or a shelf nearby and watches. when we're done and I put stuff away, he then comes over for attention - like he knows we're eating and doesn't want to bother us
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