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diet and diabetes

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As I've posted before Eric was being tested for diabetes. In a urinalysis a month ago he had sugar in his urine. A blood panel showed his fasting blood glucose was 297. According to the vet 170 is high normal.

In hopes of controlling the problem with diet and avoiding insulin the vet put him on Hills M/D. Well, I looked at the ingredients and thought there has to be something better than this. Plus Eric was not fond of the food. I did a lot of on line research about diet and diabetic cats. The key, of course, is high protein and low carbohydrates. The most recent research and testing shows that an all wet diet is best. I read about cats who were able to stop using insulin completely after starting on a high quality all wet diet. So that is what Eric has been on for the last three weeks. He had another blood glucose test today and it was down to 149!

I was thrilled. Eric is eating food he likes and won't need insulin. The vet was pleased too. I think he was a little dubious when I told him the diet Eric was on- after all it's not his
RX diet. Then he saw the results of the blood test and agreed the diet was working.
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Glad to hear it
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I can't tell you how glad I am to read this thread. First and most importantly, because I learned that your little guy is doing so much better and secondly, because after caring for three diabetic cats over a 6 year period, I was preaching about an all-wet diet for years - my vet thought I was completely nuts until I proved it worked.

Keep up the good work!
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Excellent news! Good job

Can I ask - what is he eating?
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That is wonderful news! I'm so glad Eric is feeling better and that he doesn't have to have insulin.

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Wow, that is great news!
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That is great news..congratulations! Good job doing your research.

ps this is the kind of diet I follow for myself (high protein, low/controlled carb) to manage my pre-diabetes.
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Originally Posted by beandip View Post
Excellent news! Good job

Can I ask - what is he eating?
Thanks to all for your comments. I'm really pleased. Something is working out right. To me, it's just logical that this sort of diet would work to control diabetes. The vets are fixated on their RX diets and don't think about anything else.

I feed a variety of high quality wet food. Currently it's Natural Balance, Innova, EVO, Avoderm and Wellness mostly in chicken and turkey. I have some Avoderm beef although they aren't as fond of that. I try to limit fish especially
for Eric due to his past history of stones and a blockage.

They're starting to get picky about their food so I'm always searching for something new. They really like Natural Balance but it's become difficult to find recently. There's a store in downtown Honolulu that carries Evolve, Pet Promise, Precise, Eagle Pack and Natures Valley. They all hated Precise chicken- refused to touch it. The others were at least acceptable so I'll have to make another trip there at some point.
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