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Hi Everyone!

I'm just looking around places and trying to make some friends.
I'm at college right now and haven't made any here and I'm moving home next semester.. so.. I guess I don't really want to try too hard to make friends here since I'll be leaving anyway.. :-/

I miss my cats a bunch. They've always been there for me since I've
always been shy and pretty introverted. I haven't seen them in a long time since I've been to college. :-/

Um.. I don't know what else I can really say right now.. :-)
I'm 18 and going to be transferring to get an associates of applied science in office administration. I live in Indiana, but if all goes well.. I'll be moving out to Baltimore, Maryland around May 2004. That's going to be interesting when I try to make friends there as well.. wish I wasn't so darn shy.. :-/ Ah well.. at least I'm gonna keep trying. :-)

Nice to meet you all.. :-)
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Hi Erin-

Nice to meet you! I have eleven kitties you can have cyber visiting priveleges with if you'd like. McGilly Kitty loves to pay fetch with jar lids, Bailey washes his kibble in the water bowl and looks horribly surprised when it dissolves. Kahuna (though neutered) is a lynx-point siamese mix rescued out of a dumpster and a real babe magnet. He just brought another new kitty home tonight with him- so guess now I have twelve. Bartee is my polydactyl and he loves to grab my pencil from me when I am doing homework. Ripley is my toughest kitty- smallest of the bunch, but she rules the roost. Kabota also known as tractor butt is right now exiled in sick bay. He has a UTI. Karma, who I keep trying to find a good home for keeps coming back, so I guess she is staying. That is some of my bunch- now are you less lonely?
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Hi Erin~

The neat part about the friends that you make here is that you can pack then up and take them wherever you go! I hope you visit and post often. You sound as if you have some exciting adventures coming your way with all of your moves.
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Hi Erin and a big welcome also, I have 6 kitties in my house at the moment and it's soon to be 7 so I'll need a cyber mommy too LOL.

Don't worry about being shy here we won't give you the opportunity of being shy, we'll just jump right in and grab you away for lot's of road trips, parties and cyber adventures. Some of us are quite nutty (I speak for myself, kumbulu and perhaps our revered Jeanie G only) but all the members are wonderful, kind, lovely, wise, helpful, sweet, funny and good friends. You'll have a great old time.
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Welcome Erin,
Like hissy I will be glad to cyber share my furkids with you. I have Jessie who is grey and white with long hair and a gorgeous face and eyes. She's kind of snooty and pretty much a loner and merely tolerates the others except for Lady. But I love her much. Nikkie is a abyssinian tabby. He has tabby markings but a regal head, long sleek body and long legs. He's my lover boy. He's about 2 1/2. Someone had dumped him and he came to us while I was in the hospital a couple of years ago. He was about 5 months old. I walked in the door from the hospital, sat down and he came running across the floor and jumped into my arms. It was great. Now of course he's too dignified to do anything like that but he likes to follow me around, lay on the bed with me and be huggy kissy when he feels like it. Luckie came to us the same way, he had been dumped and was seriously injured. Since we discovered him late at night we had to wait until the next morning to get him to the vet. I held him all night wrapped in warm towels and fed him water with an eyedropper. Thankfully he came through needed surgery and came home to us. He is a black "tuxedo" color with big round green eyes. He is my mischief maker. He loves to harrass Jessie but is pretty mellow with everyone else. He has found that if he tries to harrass Nikkie, Nikkie takes him down and proceeds to give his face and ears a good washing just like he's a kitten. I think he's close to the same age as Nikkie but he does act a lot of the time just like an overgrown kitten. Lady came to us here where we live now. We think someone left her. She has been spayed and uses the catbox. She is a tabby. We have no idea how old she is. She is very dignified but very loving. She loves giving hugs and kisses. All the other furkids just love her. Jessie loves her and gives her a kiss whenever they pass. She glares and hisses at the others. Sassy is new. Lady brought him home. We don't know how old he is but I'm guessing that he's not much over a year. His coloring is siamese but he has a tabby type body and a soft tabby voice. He has blue eyes which are a little crossed. He is very shy but once he allows you to touch him he will let you stoke and pet him and will play with your hand. He's very gentle though. He is not neutered so that is on my agenda for the 1st of the month. I also want to get his ears checked because I think he may have a hearing problem. But he is a little sweetheart and very welcome to our group. Sammy is our small doxen mix who we got from a shelter about 5 years ago. He's about 9 now. He thinks he takes care of the group and since they all let him think so we certainly haven't told him differently. So there are my furkids Erin. Feel free to share. Looking forward to your posts.
Blessed Be.
Mom to Jessie, Nikkie, Luckie, Lady, Sammy & Sassy
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Thanks everyone for being so nice and welcoming. :-)
I may have to take you up on the cat viewing offers sometimes.
I really miss my cats right now.

I can't wait until I transfer to a college near home so I can stay there. I'll be doing that next semester. It's too far away for my tastes tho :-P

I have 2 barn cats. One pure black, he's a male. His name is Sneakers. :-) He's my loviest.. he loves to be carried and cuddled. From what my mom says, he's getting big. They're brother and sister and are a little over a year now. :-)
Sandy is a female. She's kinda calico, but with dark brown and then light brown and tan patches. :-) No white really.. :-)
She's chubby and cuddly, she only wants to be held or played with when she wants to be held lol. But then when she wants to be held no matter how many times you push her off your lap when you're busy, she jumps back up. And her motor is soooo loud! My mom holds the phone up to her and you can hear her purring clear as a bell through the phone. :-)

Ok.. I'm trying to be more religious about staying up with message boards, but I sometimes slack off when other things get busy. And I kinda get tired of being on the computer some days.. but I really will try to check this more often. I want you all to know that if I ever do not show up for awhile.. I still like you and consider you all friends.. I just get busy or stressed or forgetfull... ;-)
Take care everyone and thanks again for the warm welcome :-)
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Welcome to the group Erin
I just joined as well.
You sound a lot like myself as I have always been very shy, but glad to have my cats around for company.
Sorry to hear that you have been away from them, but it will be great when you move close again.
At the moment I only have one kitten who's 9 months old, named Orion. But soon we will have a new addition to the family.
In the past I've always had 4 cats around but a couple of years ago I lost 1 of them and now this year I lost the remaining 3.
I've found chatting on the computer a great way to talk to people and get to know them. I'm terribly shy in person so it's been much easier for me to chat this way.
In turn though, this has helped build my confidence away from the computer and I'm not as shy as I used to be anymore.
I even met my lovely boyfriend Lee online and we have been together nearly 2 years now.
You take care too and we look forward to talking to you when you get the chance to.
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Welcome to the site Erin! This is a great place to make friends. And like Deb said, you can take us with you wherever you move to.

Join us in the Cat Lounge. We have a great fun Road Trip going on, as well as our "normal" conversations. Be careful though, this site is very addictive. There's just too many nice people on it!
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