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bump :(

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I was brushing Gabriel and I noticed a bump on him
He did have his yearly shots 2 weeks ago. if he had had a reaction, wouldn't it have been gone by now?
It's located above his shoulder blade and is a bit bigger than a penny.

I'm going to call the vet tomorrow but i'm worried
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A single bump is probably nothing, could be a flea bite or something. Watch if it gets bigger or changes shape or something. Is it right where the vaccinations were given? I only vaccinate once so I haven't vaccinated any cats in quite awhile but I don't really recall there being any bumps.

Is it a scabby bump or a fatty lump? How big is it?
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Lots of bumps are nothing to worry about, Scully had a huge bump and everythingt still turned out fine despite him needing some surgery.

Hope all goes well at the vet, I am not sure how long vaccination reactions last as mine don't really have a reaction to them
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fatty bump, no scab or anything. I hope it's not a flea bite cause our house needs to be flea free cause my husband is allergic to them.
I think it's where they gave the shot but i'm not sure. I'm definitely going to call.

It's about the size of a small marble. It's right under the skin.
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I hope its nothing serious. It may just be from the shot, but a check at the vet wouldn't hurt and would make you feel much better

lots of positive vibes for Gabriel.
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Tomas had a reaction to his vaccinations too. A nickel sized lump that was somewhat soft and didn't appear till a couple weeks after the vaccination. The vet checked it, no pain or fever to it so she said it wasn't an abscess. It did go away about 3 weeks later.
If you're concerned talk to your vet, at the very least ask about the type of vaccinations used, adjuvants and such.
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They should never give shots in the shoulder blades. Are you sure that's where they gave the shot??
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yeah that's where they give the shots..all the vets here do that. I read last night online you shouldnt' give shots there.

She said to watch him and if it gets bigger, it will have to be taken out but they will check in a month and said it should do down.
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Update: lump went away!! YAY
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