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Acrylic Latex Paint on Fur

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I'm painting my kitchen and Pekoe brushed his tail up against the wet paint (100% Acrylic Latex). I think I got to him pretty quickly and trimmed most of it off, then washed his tail with a bit of water, so I doubt that he ingested any, though he did give his tail a good wash after I was done. He's acting totally normally now (he had a little snack of dry food immediately after washing his tail and is now lounging on the floor like normal) so I'm not really concerned, but would like some other opinions please.

Is this something we should go to the emergency vet clinic for? I can't really afford to go to the vet if I'm just being obsessive, but that being said, I would be devastated if anything bad happened because I wasn't educated enough to know what to do. Please let me know ASAP! We can get to the vet in about 20 mins if we need to....
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I would call the vet and see whether they think it constitutes an emergency. Good work trimming it off so quickly!
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When Smoochie was a kitten she walked through the paint lid and then tried to lick her foot ! I took her in the bathroom and washed her feet (and then washed up the itty bitty kitty prints across the floor-LOL!) and she was fine. But if you think he may have swallowed some, I'd call the vet just in case- can't hurt .
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Thanks for the quick replies!

I talked to the vet and they said just to keep an eye on him, as I was pretty sure he didn't eat any of the paint and there's none left on his fur anymore. Although there is an uneven bald patch on his tail now....

Oh my baby kitten, the trouble you get yourself into sometimes.... Guess I learned I should lock the cats in the bedroom next time I decide to paint!
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He should be fine - if you washed it off right away and clipped the rest, I'm sure things will be fine

When we painted the kitchen cupboards and doors, we locked Ling down the basement till they were dry. Keno was a good girl - she either stayed in the family room or the dining room (opposite ends) and watched us. She could get to both sides by way of the library
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