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Fingers and toes crossed with lots of {{{vibes}}}!
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That's looks like a wonderful place. I hope you get it!
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Oh my gosh!! It looks and sounds so lovely!!

I will pray that you guys get accepeted.

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Laurie that sounds SO EXCITING!!!! I hope it all works out for you!
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No word yet today. ...and even then, they haven't run our credit report ( ) or verified our employment yet.... but it would be nice to even know if the landlord WANTS to rent it to us. Then we need to jump through all the hoops.

But thank you so much for the good thoughts and vibes!

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, Laurie!
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Sending you "get that home" vibes your way! The house sounds wonderful - my cats absolutely loved it when we moved into a bigger house with lots of windows!!
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good luck! that looks like a great place---and yes, it looks like a place that the kitties will LOVE!
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Any news yet????? Turning into a pretzel for you!
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OK! First hurdle over with! The landlord wants to rent to us! We can have the RV there. I don't know the details, because all I got was a cryptic e-mail from the RE agent saying the landlord wants to move ahead.... and he was communicating with the landlord's RE agent, because it was an MLS home, not exclusive to our RE agent.

BUT - the carpeting in the place was blue. I'm sure that works for some people - and it's a nice greyish-blue - but it doesn't go with a single thing we own. And it's in good shape - so no real ability to ask the landlord to recarpet the place. The carpeting in the master bedroom was off-white, and badly spilled upon and stained. And the inside of the house needed to be painted throughout the house. And we want to move our security system from this house to that one, put in steel doors on any outside access doors, and replace the master bedroom door with a steel core wood door (we'd bring the ones we put on here and hang the old doors here back up). Also want to put new locks on everything.

So what we'd discussed with Ernie (RE agent) was that we'd recarpet the living room if the landlord had the entire inside of the house repainted and replaced the carpeting in the master bedroom. There had also obviously been a leak around two of the skylights, and we wanted those repaired before we move in. Plus we have the cats, and we wanted to have the RV with us. We wanted a long term lease - two years - with an option to renew, and if he decides to sell the home, he has to give us three months notice and cannot show the place while we still live there.

But... knowing Ernie as well as we do now, I can only assume he discussed all of this, and his reply that the landlord wants to move ahead means that all of this has been accepted.

Now we just have to get the employment verification done - not a problem - and the credit check over with - a problem. And borrow the money we need for 1st/last month rent and security, Ernie's fee, and however much we're going to need to actually move.....

So - I guess the easy part is over with!

But once again - I can't thank you all enough for all the good will and vibes! Now that we know we can rent the place - I really hope we make it through the credit check so we are able to rent it!

....and it will be so great for the kitties! So much sun - so much room - and it'd be so good for Ming Loy - who needs the exercise of having to get from that master bedroom to the stairs, across the house, and to the kitchen!

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Sending updated vibes to help with what you need now.
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Hope all goes well for you.
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We have that blueish/gray carpet in our apartment, and thank god I moved in with nothing and decorated around it!

Sending tons of continued vibes your way!
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I'm keeping my fingers crossed, Laurie.
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That's great news so far Laurie . Fingers crossed that all the other checks go your way
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Yippee ! I know I'd have no problem with greyish blue carpet!
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I am just seeing this!!! Mega vibes for you guys!
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Originally Posted by babyharley View Post
We have that blueish/gray carpet in our apartment, and thank god I moved in with nothing and decorated around it!

Sending tons of continued vibes your way!
It is a lovely color - and it has a really nice, cool feel about it. I wouldn't have minded decorating around it! I'm sure part of it is that it matches the outside of the house. We can't afford new anything - but as long as we have to borrow the money to move to begin with, we might as well borrow money to recarpet the living room so the stuff we do have doesn't look horrible in there.
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Good luck on everything to come. The place looks very cute and would be great for you guys! Kitters and I are sending HUGE VIBES for quick and easy on the loan!
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Lotsa vibes for next steps, Laurie. Hope everything goes well and you're soon packing to move.
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Good luck with it all! Keeping everything crossed for you.
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