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Help! Kinda gross. .. how to humanely. . .

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put down a little mousie that I think my indoor/outdoor cat might have been playing with? I'd like to put the poor thing out of its misery.

It looks like it is frightened to death/in shock and won't move. It is sitting hunched up near the door just breathing with it's eyes open. It has lick marks on its fur and since it doesn't seem well. . .

Should I put it in the toilet? I live in a metropolitan area with city water & plumbing -- not septic. I can't think of any other way of doing it except I don't know if it will clog the plumbing.

Help! Thank you.
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If the mouse is traumatized, it may just be in shock. Are you sure it warrants being killed? It may just need to recover and then you can let it loose. Especially if you think its breathing ok. I had a rabbit once that was chased by a dog. He did exactly what you are describing for several hours afterwards, until it recovered. Then he was fine.

As far as putting it down the toilet, I don't think thats a good idea. That would be drowning the poor thing and is not very humane at all.

Please reconsider killing the poor mouse until you are sure that that is what is necessary.
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Thank you for your response. . .I really *don't* know if it would be warranted and I am so worried and at my wits end. You're right in that I don't know, so I shouldn't hurt it, but I am sitting here fretting that it might be suffering. It is out in the alley in my backyard and I have locked my kitty inside so she won't torture it.

your story about the rabbit gives me pause. I am surprised it would take several hours to recover. I will definitely wait.

Thank you.
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Yes, do wait till it has had a chance of recovery.

If you can get it into a secure but airhole punched plastic dark container, or a box, so that it doesn't get attacked by another predator, all the better.

Maybe I am too much of a sucker for animals, as mice are considered a pest, but I believe that if you can save it, then give it a chance.

As far as dispatching the animal humanely, the only option for most people is to give it a short sharp blow to the head, or neck, thus crushing the skull or decapitating the animal. You must be accurate and not hestiate, or give yourself time to think. That is when error can occur and you end up feeling dreadful. This information comes from my neighbour who has done this, when his cats have caught and bought home half dead animals...yuck !

I wish you well, and hope the mouse recovers, or dies, before you have to do take action to relieve it from any suffering.

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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I wouldn't kill it either, maybe it will snap out of it and be alright and go on it's way. Have you checked on it recently? Is it still alive? I can understand you not wanting it to suffer, and it may be bleeding internally or have broken bones, but yet, I would hate to see it put to death if it will be alright.

I just realized you posted this thread yesterday, not today....did the mouse live??????
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Thank you Sonia and Debby.

I kept checking on the mouse and it was in the same spot for several hours, then I had to get ready for company coming over. When I next checked the mousie, it was gone! I was so relieved. It must have recovered and went on its way.

The next morning, my kitty was looking into a bunch of bushes very intently -- we call it kitty TV -- and so I think she may have been the cause of the poor mousies scare.

I'm so relieved. . .good thing Daniela was around to put the caution on. I don't think I could have done the wack thing that Sonia suggested. . .eek.
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Glad to hear the mousie escaped w/ no harm hopefully!!! Yay!!

Glad you didn't flush it after all!!!!!!!
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Glad the mousie was okay!
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