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Best small biscuits (dry food) in the UK

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Hi all
As some of you know Villy had some dental work done a few weeks back. She had 6 teeth out. 2 years before that she had 4 teeth out. So I'm guessing that now she really hasn't got many teeth left. She has wet food first thing in the morning, at lunchtime/mid afternoon, in the evening and any other time if she wants it and if we're around. She's a slim kitty and the vets have said just feed her as much as she likes.
She's always had biscuits down all day to munch on when she feels like it. She was on Royal canin dental & digest, which I took away for almost two weeks after she had her teeth out, until she'd been checked and given time to heal. I've now given them back to her but she's really struggling and can't chew them. They are too big to swallow whole, and I worry she might try and then she might choke on them. I've tried soaking them to make them soft but she still didn't really manage them. I'd find them all over the living room where she'd picked them up from her bowl and had to give up and spit them out!
So, tonight I bought a bag of perfect fit as they are small biscuits and I've offered them to her, and she was over the moon! She loves biscuits and she looked so happy to eat biscuits again! What are the best ones to give her? She's 9, and doesn't go out much.
Thanks for any advice offered!
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James Wellbeloved dry has a fairly small kibble, and it's a good quality food as well. I think hi life is quite small too but I've not fed that for a while so can't remember exactly.

You can get some free samples of JWB from their website. Click on "CAT" on the left hand side and you'll see a link for free sample.

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i'd say science plan nature best
most of them are circle shapes or paw style shapes
My kitty uses his teeth only a little for slightly breaking it

Or you could add a little bit of water to royal canin to
soften it up...
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