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This photo just about sums up Fred's love life!!!
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wow what a great read after happy hour
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Originally Posted by Fred&Nermal View Post
This photo just about sums up Fred's love life!!!
AWWWWWW!!!! And this is why your cats are great.
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I dont think that cats make love, but kaylee loves her kisses!!!
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I don't know why you're all so sceptical... have any of you kept any birds? Have you watched them mate for life, feed each other, groom each other, be sad if the other goes, etc.? How do we know what they really feel? Of course cats seem like utter scoundrels on the sex front, but who's to say for sure that (given their teeny tiny attention spans for anything other than stalking) they don't feel strong 'emotion' for each other on individual occasions? Chemistry's chemistry, or else why would we bother with things like Feliway after all - it looks like it's just about sex (pheromones), but who knows?
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Epona's very scholarly analysis is right on target -- but I also agree with Larke.

After all, we humans are animals, too... and it would be very strange indeed if instinct and pheromones and evolutionary mandates and genetic memory were not involved in our "mating rituals," as well. We humans have language, though, so we're able to come up with a term like "making love" rather than simply calling it sex... and by doing so, we elevate it, in our own estimation.

So we consider that humans woo, rather than force... write poetry to seduce one another, rather than execute standard rituals like tail-thumping and nest-building... and we think that we must be driven by something more lofty than "mere instinct."

But I suspect that, beneath all the layers of meaning we humans assign to it, our own desire to bond and mate and procreate is driven by the same fundamental instinct. And there's nothing wrong with that -- except when our animal instincts overwhelm our human reason, as in the case of that astronaut who drove to Florida to confront her romantic rival!
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Originally Posted by Nellers View Post
wow what a great read after happy hour
Great read?
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To take the question seriously - generally cats don't make love. They mate. But I have seen exceptions.
Ten years agoo I hade a wonderfull little cat girl, Alaska, and I got a "husband", Texas, for her with the purpose to have kittens. They fell in love and when she was in heat they made love. Tender love, with foreplay, kisses during the act and holding eachother after. For three days they didn't leave eachothers side and their was no sign violence or submision. It was like watching a "sexy" version of a Disney Movie.
On top of this she sneaked out three weeks after having the kittens and had a short lovestory with the neighbours cat. When she came home the neighbours cat followed her to the door and kissed her goodnight.
After this she didn't set her food outside before she was spayed and her "husband" was neutered.
Texas forgave her the adultery and he raised all the kittens since she was a lousy mother. He is still taking good care of three of them even if they are grown up by now.
Texas and Alaska stayed a couple for ten years.
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