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5 mos. and kitties still don't get along...

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I posted a while back with behavior problems. I'm not sure it's improving...maybe. My cat Monty (neutered male 5 yrs) and the new cat (Harley- approx. 2 yrs neutered male still don't get along. It's mainly Monty who comes in Harley's room and stalks Harley - who backs off into a corner. Monty then starts batting him on the head while Harley just sits there and takes it like a whimp. For this reason I usually keep a tall gate up and Monty is not a jumper so he stays out of the room. I'd like to get Harley out of the room and start walking around the house but he's too scared. I'm also wondering what am I going to do if we want to go on vacation? Poor Harley will be stuck in this room the whole time? We also have a older female cat who sleeps all day and stays in the sidelines.
So far we've had Harley for almost 5 months.
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There are just some cats that do not get along. I have 2 cats that I have to watch closely when they are in the same room. I am home most of the time but when the need arises I do keep them seperate.
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Awful as it may be, you might have to consider a happier home for Harley, one where he can feel in charge, or at least comfortable everywhere. I think if they were going to be friends, it would have happened by now.
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Unfortunately some cats just hate each other and nothing works. You may have to find another home for your one cat that is causing problems. Perhaps an "only cat" home will be good.

Sounds like you've tried a lot of things and did it all right. Just like some people don't get along, cats and dogs can be the same way.
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Before you give up, try a "Comfort Zone" Feliway pheromone diffuser (much cheaper at valleyvet.com than in stores) and some Bach's Rescue Remedy herbal oil (available at health food stores). Both of these have helped us reduce the tension between our two sworn enemies...
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How bad do they fight?

I normally always had two cats at a time and they never were "buddy-buddy". They fought- but it was more like play fighting. They'd hiss and bat, and chase each other around the house, but they never got hurt, and it would only be when the younger cat got too close to the older cat. It wasn't a constant thing either, like once in a while.

If its not so bad maybe they are just playing? Kind of like how human brothers and sisters fight? They always bug each other but really do love one another.
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