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need advice for spay recovery

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hi everyone! i can't believe it has been a year since i posted last! well, o.k. i had my second daughter, bought a house, dog, and now finally have the time to sit down a read my old membership sites i miss everyone

anyways, the reason why i am finally sitting down is because my two baby cats that i have had for 2 years now were spayed two days ago (i know it took me forever). my skinny cat mumu is recovering well, but my heavy set cat, butter, is having some problems. for some reason she is determined to jump on everything and she keeps falling. it has gotten to the point where she literaly fell and the incision area looks red. it did not open or anything, but the area is obviously irritated. i doubt that it is infected(no foul odor or leakage). i was terrified that she might have internal bleeding or something. it seems to be calming down and she is calming down.

part of the problem is that i live in a two story house and she loves going up and down the stairs. she also has to sleep with the baby. she gets pist if she can't sleep at her feet or my other daughter's feet. in order to calm her down i have picked her up and placed her in the crib. she only seems happy if she can physically see the baby (she was really sick when she was 5months old from sinus infection, but happy and running around now) she is happy now, but i throw my hands up. i don't know what her problem is. we have had our dog for 4 months so i don't think it is that. i could be wrong.

needless to say i am worried about her. shes not lathargic or anything like that.

my second concern was personality. i have heard that many cats change their personality after surgery. is this true. i love my cats and they are one of a kind. i would keep them no matter what. i just dont want their playfulness and warmth to dissappear.

sorry this is so long
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I think for Butter's safety and recovery, I would confine her in a 'safe' room...with lots of treats (can't hurt for just a few days) and love. I know it's hard to see them upset but if she's hurting herself that's not good.

Personality wise, I would not worry. They may go through a short phase, but it will pass. The big bonus is no more heat cycles. I live with one intact female, but certainly not by choice. She has a terminal heart condition...long story ...but if I could get a reprieve from the cycles boy I would! All of my spayed girls are still the same love bugs that they were before.
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I agree with beandip's reply about keeping her in a safe room. Sadie had nothing but problems after her spay because she just wouldn't stop jumping on the kitchen stools. It took much too long for her to completely recover.

As for the personality change you mention, Sadie did not experience any of this. If anything, she became more loving than ever.
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