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Sho & Tomas

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Pictures of my boys <3

The weather has been nice here so the boys enjoy being able to look out the front door.

This is so cute! I think I'll clean up the original pic and use it on my desktop later.

Tomas looking out the door.

Sho laying the dining room floor.

From when he was around 2 and 1/2 years old.

I love this picture

before he got fat he used to have a heart shaped marking on his side, now it looks like an apple...(see above pic)

I love my boys
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your guys are both so handsome! i really like that 1st pic, too!
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o my that is just tooo cute great pics
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oh my your boys are so cute..and they are really enjoying a bit of sunshine

Great shots
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Awwwwww love the one of them kissing And that heart shape on him is great
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It's nice to see some cats that get along under the same roof
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Aww...the kissing picture is adorable!
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Originally Posted by Dragoriana View Post
It's nice to see some cats that get along under the same roof
Sho didn't like Tomas for a whole 10 minutes... until he figured out "ohh, it's a smaller cat".
He was lonely and really enjoys having someone to be a cat with.
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Before he got fat! What beautiful cats! I love the 1st photo of them - good friends!
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Aww, cute pics! Love the heart/apple marking!
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Very sweet. Love the heart marking. Now he's the apple of your eye! Hee hee.
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KITTY KISSES!!! Adorable!

I love that his heart got all stretched out. Silly little thing!
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Great pictuers! I LOVE that first picture- it's just sooo sweet!
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