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Tigger update (kriten80)

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Hi everyone!

Tigger had his vet appt. this morning at 9:00am. Let me tell you...he is such an aggressive cat when he is somewhere uncomfortable! The vet couldn't hold him down to get his temperature and he was placed in a "kitty bag" with a cone around his head to draw blood. Thankfully, all of his bloodwork came out normal after all of that work! He continued to hiss and growl the entire visit. My fiance and I decided that he should obviously stay for x-rays on his stomach/bowels and Tigger will be there overnight. The vet states that if his x-rays come out normal, she will be treating him for some sort of bowel disease.

Still praying for the best. I don't even have children yet, although I feel that I'm already going through separation anxiety with my cats! Again, thank you all for your support! I'll keep you updated!

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I'm glad you took him in...I know it's hard when you can't tell them it's for their own good. I hope you get some positive results so he can get to feeling better soon!!
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just catching up from your other thread............some cats just dont ' do vets' and it can be very stressful for everyone concerned
Good news about the blood work Lets hope its the same for his x-rays !

He´ll soon be home
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I'm glad the blood tests came out ok, and hoping for the same with the x-rays.

please let us know!
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