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This is so funny - Doggie Pledge

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- I will not eat the cats' food, before or after they eat it.

- "Kitty box crunchies" are not food.

- The computer's mouse is, unlike a real mouse, inedible.

- I will not eat the disposable diapers, especially the dirty ones.

- I will not play tug-o'-war with Dad's underwear when he's on the toilet

- I will not eat any more socks and then re-deposit them in the backyard after processing.

- I will not chew my human's toothbrush and not tell them.

- I will not chew crayons or pens, 'specially not the red ones so my people will think I am dying.

- I will not roll on dead seagulls, fish, crabs, etc.

- I will not wake Mommy up by sticking my cold, wet nose up her ear.

- I will not burn rubber through the open car window and into the fast food restaurant, no matter how good it smells.

- I will not throw up in the car.

- I will not bite the officer's hand when he reaches in for Mom's driver's license and car registration.

- When in the car, I will not insist on having the window rolled down when it's raining outside.

- I must shake the rainwater out of my fur *before* entering the house.

- I will not drop soggy tennis balls in the underwear of someone who is sitting on the toilet.

- I will not steal my Mom's underwear and dance all over the back yard with it.

- The sofa is not a face towel. Neither are Mom and Dad's laps.

- We do not have a doorbell. I will not bark each time I hear one on TV.

- I do not need to suddenly stand straight up when I'm lying under the coffee table.

- My head does not belong in the refrigerator.

- I will not roll my toys behind the fridge.

- The garbage collector is NOT stealing our stuff.
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Ha! You wish!
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It just makes me all the more happier that I have cats instead hehehheheheheheh!!!!!!!
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LoL. I wish my dog would take a couple of those points into consideration...
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Those are great! I don't even know how many of those Felicia did. :laughing:
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I have one for Ike:

I will not jump about, like a demented flea and knock Mom down, when she comes home from work.
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Ah yes, gotta love the doggies too heres and extra one....

I will not attack my doggy brothers food bowl when mine is empty.
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Oh, my poor misguided friend, that'll never happen! My son's dog, a golden retriever, comes every Sunday to play with my collie. We have an acre fenced in, and the two of them love to run and play. (The retriever doesn't have a big yard.) When my husband gives them food or biscuits, the Golden hurries to eat his so that he can eat his buddie's share too. He watches our Collie's food the whole time he's eating to make sure he's finishing fast enough to get some. Of course they both get way too much every Sunday because my husband is a spoiler! The Milkbone people love him.
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