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Lethargic 6 month old kittten...HELP!

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Sept. 2006 I rescued 2 strays (orange Tabby-male and black female). They weighted less than a pound. But put on weight normally. The tabby male is 8lbs. now and has been neutered. When I took her to be spayed her WBC was elevated and platelets were low. They posponed the surgery for 2 weeks and sent her home with Clavamox. That did not help so I returned becasue she had gotten worse. She suddenly stopped playing with her brother and slept ALL DAY! they took her tepm. and it was 103.3 F and her WBC had almost returned to normal and platelets too. Her liver enzymes were slightly off by a value of two or three the vet said. He sent me home with Meldozone. She eats just fine but only weights in at 4.2lbs. I worry becasue hse is not as energetic as her brother but she doesn't play at all. They took blood work and sent it off to a lab at my request to be sure she isn't infected with FIP.
Any suggestion I really pray it isn't that.
Ps. I change their food to Nutro Natural Choice foods and they seem to do better with it from Iams kitten food. Both had Giardia early in life too.
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Could it be the medicine making her groggy? I'd at least call the vet and talk it over with them.
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Well I don't think so because before the Clavalox she wasn't on anything and suddenly when she went to get spayed her WBC was elevated and platelets low. So they wante to send blood work out to a special lab to be sure it wasn't FIP even though the test they did showed neg. results.
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I don't know what Meldozone is. I googled it but nothing came up.

You're right to be concerned. I don't have direct experience with FIP, but I don't think her values would have rebounded to almost normal if she had FIP.

AFAIK, there's no conclusive test for FIP.

What is the vet's opinion?

Weight wise, yes she is small for 6 months. My Pixel was around 4.5lbs @ 6 months. I worry too but Pixel does have normal energy levels, though. Is she skinny or just small?

I would talk to the vet again.
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Sorry that med was Metronidazole.
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Originally Posted by chaunegirl View Post
Sorry that med was Metronidazole.
Ahh ok. I would talk to the vet.

I found this, at http://www.vetinfo4dogs.com/dmetroni...e%20-%20Flagyl

Metronidazole can cause neurologic signs if overdosed, including loss of
balance, visual problems, vomiting, rapid eye movements (nystagmus),
tremors and seizures. I have only seen this problem once or twice, when we
have tried to use metronidazole in young kittens to treat giardia and could
not get the dosage measured accurately using crushed pills. The kittens
didn't die, but they looked like they might. Now we use a compounding
pharmacy to make the medication into a dosage form we can give
accurately. Metronidazole is processed by the liver and may cause
increased toxicity if given to a patient with enough liver disease to
inhibit processing of the medication.
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Thanks, but her symtoms started way before that med. She has been lethargic for almost 4 weeks, but still eats and fdrinks well. Her physical exam is good, but her WBC, platelets and liver enzymes were a little off and she doesn't play w/ the Tabby. Then they put her on the Metronidazole. The always had a little mucous and blood when they used the litter box with Iams kitten food hard only. I don't feed them that and totally changed foods together.I got two opinions from different vets. One wanted to further test for FIP and the other felt it was a gastrointestinal problem that her diet and some parasites possible were the problems. I am stump until the results of the FIP come back. I was wondering had anyone heard of this or experienced this problem.
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So she's been lethargic for 4 weeks and over the course of that time her blood work has been abnormal, but getting closer to normal now? Did I get that right?

I was just concerned about the Flagyl because the info about it stated that it has a larger than normal effect on an animal with reduced liver function.

FIP can easily be misdiagnosed, because there's no conclusive test.

It sounds to me like she's fighting something off but getting better now?

I'm sorry I don't know what's wrong with her, I hope she gets to feeling better soon.
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Update on Shadow. She was positive for FIP over the weekend. But she eats well the Wellness Organic food and her temp. has gone down to 103.3F, but hse sleeps alot with very little energy. I know its rare that they recover, but I really hope my sweet kitten does!Thanks everyone for your help.
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