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Originally Posted by Pekoe & Nigel View Post
Obviously this is one reason why it's time for me to look for another job. The boredom is starting to get to me. These are not additional jobs I enjoy doing (data entry is not on my list of top 10 things to do) but it's better than not doing anything IMO.
We have lost good employees for the same reason, and due to some problems that occurred from people passing work off to others (who were not necessarily qualified for it) we have strict guidelines on who does what and can't really share, so we often have 2 people bored out of their minds while the other one is swamped
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It's a flat out no-no here! Very few people in the office have internet privileges and we are closely monitored. Any misuse would certainly result in revocation of the privileges and quite possibly discharge. We are allowed to do it on breaks or lunches only. Since I quite often work through my breaks/lunches, the occasional time that I do go on at work is not frowned upon. However, if I kept it open for long periods of time, even if it was minimized and I wasn't posting, I could be in big trouble.
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Boss doesn't care, and the University doesn't care. I know for a fact that they don't monitor usage of anything other than the residence hall network, and I know that they don't monitor content at all (I used to work in the Network Operations Center here as a student...I know all about the network).

And the rule of thumb is that you get your work done and on time, it doesn't matter what else you do. I tend to have a day or two of downtime because my work relies on others responding to work I've done for them (having content experts review material before posting, for example). In IT, the content experts take some time to respond. I've gone so far as to find work for myself (I've improved my graphic design skills, and taught myself how to use Adobe Captivate for video tutorials in my down time).

It's also acceptable for me to have downtime, because I handle communications of emergency IT service outages, and it's difficult to maintain that with a hugely large project list.
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Originally Posted by Crystal211 View Post
IMO, you're at work and getting paid to do a job...and I'm pretty sure that doesn't include web surfing. I participated in the co-op program when I was in college (alternating quarters of school and work) and a student in my class got into big trouble on multiple occasions for surfing the web and even had to have his web using privileges turned off because apparently being told a few times not to didn't do the trick. I think that's just pathetic.

If you want to surf the web, I say do it at home. I've worked in multiple offices and I never surfed the web - the only time I was on the web reading what I was interested in was on my lunch break.
This has nothing to do with the subject at hand but I just noticed your siggy and also just read that the postage rates are going up. Bummer!
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When I had my office job and we were first granted internet access not many people knew much about the internet so if we were caught up on your work and not one else needed help we could cruise around.
But like about 18 months before the office closed the company ran some sort of scans on what people had downloaded from the web and all that had to be deleted (I had webshots for instance). The closer our office got to closing the less work we had the more I was cruising around!! It also depended were your desk was located to make sure mgmt could see your monitors!!
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I use it all the time - But thats because I'm waiting for the work to come in, and I have nothing else to do.

The boss doesn't mind as long as you are doing the work when it needs to be done.

If you don't want your staff members using the internet, then disconnect it. Pretty simple really.

Sucks that that guy got sent home though - I mean, really, who cares??
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