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domestic/wild hybrids?

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Do any people breed or sell hybrids of domestic and wild cats? The smaller variety of wild cats, like a bobcat or something. I know these must exist, through chance meetings or intentional breeding. I dont think it'd exactly be a good idea, probably a good chance of the domestic cat getting seriously hurt. I thought I remembered reading online somewhere about a cattery that specialized in hybrids that for legal purposes were considered domestic. Now either thats a scam, B.S. (cause everything on the internet is true...), or my memory is just fuzzy. Is there any credibility to this? I'm going to look around online a bit and if I find anything concrete I'll post it.
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There is lots of people doing "wrong" things on the net I'm pretty much against using wild cats to breed with domestics. Since I'm learning more about Bengals, I'm a little more comfortable with things - but those breeders have worked very hard to get their cats where they are.

A lot of the other breeders creating new "breed" using wild cats don't know what they are doing, or they are misleading people....like the bobcat-domestic crosses. So be very careful with who you are dealing with. If the person doesn't have their cats registered in a major association and is showing their cats, then you don't even want to deal with them.

Major associations are CFA, ACFA, TICA (in the USA) - TICA accepts more of the wild-domestic types of cat breeds then the others do; CFA accepts NO wild-domestic hybreds of any type - that's why they don't even accept the Bengal, which is probably the safest hybred now.
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I've heard of this. I've never actually seen a hybrid in real life though. So I don't really know what my thoughts on the subject would be
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I have had the ...uh.. pleasure of meeting an F1 Savannah. Now, I dont know a lot about cat breeding, But I was told that this is a cross between an African Serval and a domestic cat.
The owner of this one told me he was half Bengal and half Serval. In Florida it is legal to own this kind of cat. However, After meeting this one, I would not recommend getting an F1. This one was EXTREMELY aggressive. He would try to go after you through his crate. He was only friendly with his owners... He was a BEAUTIFUL cat, but you couldn't come near him. And with him weighing in at 20 pounds (and still being a kitten) he was a little intimadating.

But to answer your question, Yes, most states allow ownership of hybrids.
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The Serval is a fairly large cat. Not like the really big cats but certainly a lot larger than a domestic cat. It seems like the domestic cat may not survive the mating.
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I read up a bit on the servals/savannahs, and they are well nigh impossible to breed. Not only do a large percentage of domestics die in matings, but I also believe they have to be raised together to have a chance of accepting each other, and even then often they just won't so the "breeder" will have to give up and start again with a new couple. Doesn't sound particularly sustainable to me
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