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Kitten Food recommendations

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We are currently feeding out 9 week old kitten sensible choice kitten food. Has anyone heard of this food? The pet store where we purchased him said this is the best food for a kitten. Has anyone heard of Dad's Gourmet Cat food? Does anyone have recommendations on kitten hard food?
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Are you looking for something you can get at walmart ??? the grocery store( dont advise it but) or pet store ( if pet store a big one like Petco or a mom and pop small business)
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Thank you for the information about the wormer. I think the pet store should have taken another stool sample before administering a second dose of the medication. I know they wanted to make sure that the kitten was healthy, but common sense would dictate that you should follow exactly what the vet says. After all he's only a kitten and his system can't handle a certain amount of medication. As for pet food, we were just wondering if there is an equivalent to sensible choice or one better? Our vet recommended science diet. I know to stay away from wal-mart, kmart, grocery store cat food.
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I think all vets recommend Science Diet. They market heavily to vets and because of that they also get that recommendation in vet school. Outside of prescription diets conventional vets aren't necessarily a good source of information for nutrition. Right now I've switched back to California Natural Chicken and Rice which is an all stages food. There are many good choices both all stages and kitten food. It really depends on your budget and what your kitten both likes and tolerates. Some of the good ones that are easy to find are Nutro, Innova, Solid Gold, Chicken Soup for the Kitten Lover's Soul and Wellness. There are probably others that I am forgetting about or don't know about. You will find that many people have a favorite that they believe is better than all others.
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Nutro Zoey eat nutros natural choice/ closest to sensible choice

, Innova.. good but I like there California natural line better

, Solid Gold good stuff but IMHO too low in fat for a kitten

, Chicken Soup for the Kitten Lover's Soul good stuff best $$ at a feed store ( local pet stores for a big bag 23-30 $ feed stores 16-20 $

and Wellness.good food not a fav ... will look into reformulated stuff without garlic

Low carb high protein and fat foods ... can be pricy but if you give wet $$$ evan out

Innovas EVO
Natures prairie Raw instict
Wellness dont know the name
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I feed Innova evo. www.Naturapet.com is where you can find lots of good foods besides this one.
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i know you said not walmart but i feed my cats maxximum nutrition which has been a good food in my opinion (my cats do better on that than chicken soup) but they just changed their formulas and they are even better now. if you want i can list the ingredients here.
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