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Who was watching the trade deadline in the NHL

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Well, trade deadline day has come and gone for another season. What trade(s) did you like??? Which did you not like??? Which ones left you scratching your head??????
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I can't say I'm a big hockey fan, but my tenant sure is. We've had the game on here every other night. I'll find out what his opinion is.

I'm from Toronto, so the Leafs are who we cheer for (however they haven't won the cup since the 60s). Every year there is hope, but it never happens. Seems much like hitting your head against the wall!
Do you happen to know if they won against Montreal last night? I seem to think not as my tenant wasn't dancing around the room. I forgot to ask him.

I just checked the TV. Seems Toronto is losing again to Buffalo tonight. However, it's still early.
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Last stanley cup toronto won was in 1967, the last season before expansion from 6 to 12 teams. Toronto lost to Montreal last night too. Toronto got perrault back from phoenix, that will help their face offs emmensely. He is a good face off person, leads or among the league leaders in face off percentage every year.
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I am an Islander fan since I grew up 5 miles from the Nassau Coliseum. They made a big trade with Edmonton. I like the trade but they need to sign Smyth to a deal since he will be a free agent at the end of the year. If they don't sign him, it is a bad trade.
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you are right, and that might help them get ing to the playoffs too. The one deal today that left me scratching my head was the biron deal to philly. Why???? A better deal would have been pittsburgh, they need a decent goalie for the playoffs. Philly has not had a decent goalie for a long time.
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This thread could win me brownie points with all my hockey fan friends! Keep the comments coming!
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I thought Philly had some good goalie down in the farm? I haven't followed that for a while so I don't know. Philly has always made some questionable deals.
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Philly has not had a decent goalie since hextall. If a goalie is on the farm, then they maybe anywhere from a year to several away. Case in point fluery in pittsburgh, he is not ready for the NHL now, too young, needs more seasoning. Hence why it would have been good for pittsburgh to get a goalie today. Rumours had it that Joesph in Phoenix was available. As well as Belfour, Esche, and a couple of others. Best of the lot though prolly would have been joseph, more of a team guy than belfour.
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The perrault deal that toronto made was a good one for them, but it is a little too late for them this year. They should not have let perrault get away. Now to get him, they have to trade a draft pick?? dumb dumb dumb. What other trades caught your eye this year?
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I'm am Avalanche fan, and without Pierre Lacoix as the GM I'm not surprised that we don't have the blockbuster deal that he always managed to get. But, we traded Brad May for G Michael Wall from Anaheim, which will add depth to the goaltending. And we got Scott Parker back too, which rocks. I know he's an old school enforcer, but he's just cool. Much more fan friendly than Brad May in the enforcer category, and I've never been fond of having May with the Avs anyway.

I wish we could have unloaded Jose Theodore since Budaj has defitely proven himself more consistent as the starting goalie than Theodore.
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Originally Posted by markvg View Post
I am an Islander fan since I grew up 5 miles from the Nassau Coliseum. They made a big trade with Edmonton. I like the trade but they need to sign Smyth to a deal since he will be a free agent at the end of the year. If they don't sign him, it is a bad trade.
I was pretty surprised someone from my city's old hockey team (Ryan used to play for the MJ Warriors) made it to New York. I have one of his jerseys.
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Should be interesting to see if the NY islanders can sign him, or if he goes back to Edmonton in the off season?? Could be interesting. As for budaj being a number one goalie, he is still a bit green to be number one. Theodore has more experience, but right now, theodore is a better goalie. You want a goalie to look good, have a solid defense in front of him.
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I'm a fairly new hockey fan. I'm from Michigan, so naturally, I'm a Redwings fan. I can't believe they traded Jason Williams and got Todd Bertuzzi. Bertuzzi is such a thug. People have always unfairly claimed that Detroit played they have a legitimate target for that claim. It will be interesting to see how Chris Chelios and Todd Bertuzzi interact, as they have a long and less than amicable history. I have to admid, I'm incredibly disappointed by that aquisition. Kyle Calder had a goal and assist last night in his first game with the Redwings...sounds like he might have been a pretty fair trade for Williams.

Pookie & the girls
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Until the incident a few yrs ago that bertuzzi was involved in, he was a top flight power forward. Bertuzzi has the skill, that detroit has long been acquiring, and if bertuzzi can stay healthy, should be a great fit in the detroit line up. back problems and hockey do not go together very well. Many greats have had back problems and still performed at the top of their games. Do not forget, bertuzzi has only played like 15 games this year, so if he is ready to return, his legs will be fresh, and once he gets in game shape, he should be a dominate force. Any word on which line he will play on??? And remember, the playoffs are a totally different season and way of playing than the regular season.
The bertuzzi trade was a response trade to what some of the other teams in the west had been doing, like san jose acquiring guerin and rivet, vancouver getting smolinski and sopel. And a number of lesser deals too. Detroit has always been thinking about playoffs runs, and this could help them go deep in the playoffs. This could turn out to be a great steal for detroit if bertuzzi fits in and plays well.
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I love hockey, and living in San Francisco, my team is the Sharks, of course Been to a lot of games with my boyfriend, tho we haven't gone to one this season yet. We got Bill Guerin, and I'm happy about that, but I'm sad to see Scott Parker go. The loss last night was disappointing, we played so well and Nabby made an amazing save, and we still only ended up with a point. Argh. I don't know what's up lately. As long as we make it into the playoffs, that's what's important...
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I would imagine san jose will make the playoffs again this year. Their trade deadline deals certainly made then stronger, and they might have got the piece that puts them into the finals, we will see. They did have a good run last year though. Thornton will pick it up again, and so will the team. Every team is now preparing for their playoff runs, so some of the games will be very interesting.
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