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Hi all, tonight is American Idol so I thought it would be fun to play a game with my sister who lives elsewhere. Anyway I made a copy of all the guys and girls and gave one to her and one for myself. Tonight after the show we will choose and put a check next to the photos of who we think will be leaving tomorrow. I'll call her tomorrow and see what we both thought, then tomorrow night see if we were correct or way off. Just a l little something to keep it interesting
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I guess I will have to break down and see what this show is all about one day but DW always wants to watch movies.
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AI has some controversy again this season. Have you all heard about the contestant who has the scandalous photos on the web? If you recall, during Season 2 of idol, a contestant was kicked off of the show when racy photos of her appeared on the internet. For some reason, AI is doing nothing with this escapade.
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