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I got some more pictures of my Tatyana!!!

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She will be with me by the end of this month WOO HOO!!!! I got some new pics, I can't believe how much she had grown!!!!
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Getting ready to impress the judges!!
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And another!
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She seems to have a lovely coat colour!
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Oh what a little doll!
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Isn't she a princess? What a beautiful little lady. Lucky, lucky you. I hope we will see more pictures of this precious one.

Mom to Jessie, Nikkie, Luckie, Lady, Sammy & Sassy
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Thanks again Dee, I am in a bit of a quandry though as you'll see in my 'I need help post' I do so hope it all turns out alright.
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What a cutie, she is so precious!!!!!!!!
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What a little sweetie! Where are you getting all these kittens?? They're so cute!
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Very cute.... she looks like my Cooper!
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Tatyana is just beautiful! And I saw in your other thread that it looks like things will work out. I'm so glad.

Can't wait until she's home and we get TONS of pics of her!!
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I think she's practicing to break hearts!....ours, because we can't have her! Oh, I'm turning green with envy. What a little doll.
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What a cutey pie
Look forward to her being able to meet some more Holyoak friends...hehe
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Louise LOL I think Tatyana and Orion will get on fine it's my other lot I am worried about!!!

Thank guys for you lovely comments, I feel like a very proud mummy indeed.

valanhb TONS of pictures is correct!!! Hmmmmm are you perhaps psychic? LOL

Jeanie G Hmmmm I must say green becomes you dear mate!!!

You are all so kind!

I have to go get some Pics of Amys kittens to as they are 3 weeks old today!!! I will be forcing them upon you all shortly!!!
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Sending cyber snuggles Tatyana's way! No fair - I need a kitten to snuggle!
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I wish I could send you the kittens so you can have a cuddle! I will be sure to tell then the cuddles are from you!
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Maybe I should just snuggle the cute guy at work? Do you think hubby would mind?
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We want a picture of him!!!!!!!!!! :tounge2:
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He is the one that keeps me supplied with all of the good jokes I keep posting!
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Hmmmmmm cute and with a sense of humour!!!!!!!!

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Caught with your hand in the cookie jar again, Leslie! And what about Mr. Thomas Cat, who is now monitoring your every move? Off to your room!
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Hey - as long as she is just looking (and drooling) but not touching it should be ok! I'll try to bring my digi to work, but hubby is obsessive about "his" camera!
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Oh, and no eye candy for me? Ok, Adrienne. I understand.. I'm crushed, but I understand.
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Jeanie - you aren't "attached" - you can look, drool and touch!
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Ummmm, unattached, yeah, that's it ---unattached. Actually, I've been attached for four kids worth. Still married, still love him, just don't see him every day. But I can dream, can't I?
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Oh my...she is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I never knew what a Russian Blue looked like until now. I WANT ONE! Please post more of those 80 pics per day you love to take! I could NEVER see enough of that little angel!
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How cute!

Your lucky that you can get pics of your kitten before you get her. My breeder was new to the internet and therefore didn't have a digital to send me pics. When I picked up Nakita, she said she would be buying a digital for future owners, because I complained so much about not being able to see my baby!

Now I'm the one without a digital camera (I borrowed one for the last pics I shared). Otherwise, I'd be streaming pics to you guys 24 hours a day!!

:tounge2: :tounge2:
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Hmmmm, Kassandra - you live in Toronto, I live in Toronto. You have a new kitten, I want to snuggle a new kitten. Need a roommate, or a visitor?
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Please borrow the camera some more!!!!!!!!1 I am still snap happy after getting my digital and as you all know post endless boring pictures everyday LOL. Please get one so our babies can grow up together!!!

Jeff24Girl Phuleesssseeeeee don't encourage me more *sigh* I am already wearing out my picture alowance! LOL
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