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sushi, anyone?

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The other night we went to my favourite Japanese restaurant to celebrate my birthday. Yummy! We always leave so full. The service is great and the food is so wonderfully presented, it's almost a shame to have to dig in to it.
Thought I'd share some with you guys!

We could hear a guy at another table making fun of me for taking pictures!
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makes me hungry! I love sushi!
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YUM! I'm more a red meat girl, but that first picture is to die for! *drools*
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My, those look goooooooooooooooood. Overdue for some sushi here.
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that looks sooooooo good can I come over and have dinner with you?
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Originally Posted by Sibohan2005 View Post
that looks sooooooo good can I come over and have dinner with you?
Sorry, all gone! We did manage to contain ourselves enough to save leftovers for our friends who couldn't make it to the restaurant.
We always practically lick our plates clean after each course and have to be rolled out of there on our big piggly tummies!
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Ummm, I'll pass on the sushi , but the tempura sure looks good!
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Oh tempura! Way to make veges taste to die for! The sweet potato is my fave.
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Happy Birthday!!

I'll pass on the sushi too. I won't eat anything raw unless it's vegetables or fruit. Anything that breathed has to be cooked.
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happy birthday!!!
man that looks good, next year invite me to join for some sushi
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I have never had sushi but would love to try it!
Happy belated birthday!!
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Happy birthday! And YUM!!! I love sushi and tempura. Looks delicious to me! Is that also glazed salmon?
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Thanks for the birthday wishes!
That's teriyaki salmon and it was so good! And it wasn't too difficult to eat with chopsticks either.
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Oh, yum! I love sushi, and hardly ever get to eat it. I've made my own California rolls before, but that's all I've done at home...nothing beats a great Japanese restuarant!
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I'll pass on the sushi- but I'll send my Happy Birthday wishes!
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There were a number of great sushi places in Boston, where I used to live. Yumm.

However, near Phoenix, not the many good places I have found yet.
But, there is a little place in Casa Grande, a small place of about 30k residents, and it is great. Real authentic American Sushi
Caterpillar rolls, spider, rolls, plus for the hardcore Quail and Uni shooters....


email me
jeff at purrgonomics dot com
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I have never eaten Japanese food, but I know I will never eat sushi, I got to have my food cooked.
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I'm not a big fan of sushi, but I do think the presentation is gorgeous! Actually, I lived in Guam for a while, and there sushi is really anything in a seaweed roll. You can get vegetarian sushi where it is just vegatables and rice rolled in seaweed. The actual raw fish fillets are called sashimi. I can't stand the texture of sashimi, but I can eat the the vegatarian ones!

Anyway, happy birthday!!! Glad you enjoyed it!
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I never thought I would like Sushi until Will had me try some, he loves sushi. I really like it now, drenched in soy sauce. Yum! Happy belated Birthday!
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