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I Don't know what is wrong??

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Hi everyone!

I just joined today and I think it is great that there are message boards for "kitty" support.

I am in need of some ideas/answers. Me and my cat, Nala (female, 7), moved in with my fiance and his male cat, Tigger(age 10) in August of 2006. There were some territorial issues that continue to this day...but now, almost 7 months later, Tigger can't keep his food down and whenever we come near him....he growls and/or hisses. This has never been normal for Tigger's behavior and only began about a month and a half ago. My fiance and I made a vet appointment for tomorrow morning because Tigger just isn't himself and we think that he may be sick/hurting.

Does anyone know why he may be acting this way all of the sudden? I thought that things were going really well for bringing another cat into Tigger's "home" until now. Any ideas would make me feel so much better until tomorrow!


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Sounds like he isn't well, taking him to the vet is the right thing to do.

I hope he's okay
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Territory problems are normal with kitties when introducing them to a new territory or when introducing new kitties - but the vomiting and change in behavior towards you are a sign there's a medical problem. It doesn't mean there is - but it means getting him to the vet is the right thing to do.

Often the only way we know there's a medical problem with our kitties is a change in behavior. For us, one of our kitties started turning around and lying with his back to us when we went into a room he was in. Then he took to leaving the room when we went into it. He didn't seem as active. So we took him to the vet. He was so anemic he almost died. We were able to save him. But sometimes all you have is those changes in behavior to let you know there's a problem.

I hope all goes well tomorrow. So you're better informed when the vet calls with blood test results, here's a link to normal values: http://www.thepetcenter.com/exa/nv.html

Until you've got test results, there's really no way to know what's causing the problem.

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Growling and hissing are signs that he is ill, doesn't know what is going on and therefore is acting out at you. Your vet visit is very important right now. There are too many things that could cause vomiting to speculate here.

After 7 months, I doubt that the vomiting is related to the cats living together.

Tell us what the vet says, please?
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I really appreciate all of your thoughts and support. All of you are wonderful! As for Tigger, I am so worried about him. I will make sure to let all of you know how the vet appointment goes tomorrow at 9am. I'm praying for the best.

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I am glad he will be seeing the vet tomorrow. Tigger sounds like he's not feeling well at all.

Sending lots of good vibes his way.
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I know how u are feeling right now, I am sending lots and los of good vibes ur way Please keep us updated on how tigger is doing and I am happy u guys are going to the vet tomarrow, more good luck vibes heading ur way from me
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Oh my, it is a worry when a kit is all out of sorts. You´ll feel tons better once you get him to the vets and they will be able to do a good check over

Keep us posted and heres sending some positive healthy (=(=(=(=( vibes )=)=)=)=) for sweet Tigger
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