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Job update:)!

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so been working at sears a few weeks...They are transfering me to the warehouse close by. They need help and it seems better as its only one or two ppl covering the shifts..No bosses in the building and I can blast music! its also closer to teh neuter clinic PRIORITYS LOL!! so now have to start training for a couple things I need to know to be left alone. happy cause I think I can thrive in this more so then a typical retail job
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Congrats! It sounds like it's going to work out really well for you!

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and yay for the music part!

hope all works well for ya!
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Congrats!! Seems like everything's working out! Nothing like being able to blast music... I wish I could do that!!
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so odd how stuff works out...only got hired less then month ago and turns out the job they CANT SEEM TO FILL(and I had NO idea was available all this time) is the one that would work out perfect for me. Music is VERY important to me and has caused some trouble with the supervisors(not my supevisor but his..he has NO PROBLEM at all-mostly cause we have same likes in music lol. base pay is sort of low but you can get tips daily so! also hours should be more and possibly FT! thanks guys tcs vibes so came through all along on this job
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