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Does your cat have watery eyes?

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For the past few days, one my cat's eyes has been watering. Should I try to rinse it out, with what and how? I heard that if it's just one eye, there is probably something in it causing irritation. Thanks.
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If it continues or gets worse, then your cat needs to be seen by a vet. It sounds like you may need to get some opthamalic antibiotic to put in the eye.
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Yes, they both do! Watch it. If the drainage is clear, then you're okay. If it turns yellowish-green, then head to the vet. My kitties are both sensitive to air allergens and this triggers the eyes to water. I give them L-Lysine (500mg) once a day when the eyes aren't watering and I double it when they are.

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yes, at least my cat does. What type is your cat?
pillo is like a flat faced one (you knno what i mean?) its quite normal for flat faced cats to get wattery eyes.
cats are sensitive round the eyes so wet a tissue paper and wipe with wet tissue paper.
if the rims of eyes are relatively reddish pink go check with vet.
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If its just clear I wouldnt touch it and just watch it for a day or so. Zoey's eyes used to leak all the time, for why I dont know but it doesnt happen anymore.
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Freddie gets runny eyes, just one at a time. I usually manage to look after it at home, keep it clean etc. As said before if it's clear it's OK, you need to get help if it turns cloudy or yellow/green.

Freddie sends sympathy purrs to your cat, she knows about runny eyes!!
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Thank you everyone. My cat had so many allergy problems that for quite some time she was in and out of the Vet's office. I just hate to put her through that if this is something that will clear itself. The liquid from her eye is clear, but I will give it another day or so - and if there is no improvement I will take her in. I have tried to clean her eye out and check for anything in her eye...didn't see anything.

It occured to me that she did have this same thing happen a year ago and they gave her opthalmic ointment, which I have kept safe and it's good until December 2007.
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I've noticed Abby, who I've had for only a week, has fairly watery eyes, but it's clear and they usually only water when she's sleepy or very relaxed. I've seen wipes specifically designed for cats' eyes, are they worth buying?
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I thought the wipes were more for cats eyes that water to the point where they cause stains, but I could be wrong. If its just clear I would just gently wipe them with a damp cloth.
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