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Love the new job!!

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I LOVE my new job!! Thankyou everyone for all of those great TCS vibes Yesterday was my first day at my new job at the animal shelter. I love it so far! It's with my really good friends there and it's with the animals that i love working around. It's pretty much everything i was doing there as a volunteer but now they pay me. I will get my full time hours (they start everyone out part time at first) in July and then i will get benifits at that time There has been sooooooo much going on in the last few days so i haven't had much of a chance to get on TCS but i wanted to updated everyone! Also more great news- over the weekend 9 kitties got adopted from our Petsmart adoption center We took 6 more up yesterday- i have a feeling they won't be looking for homes very long. Today was my last day at my old job at the grocery store running the floral dpt. there. (actually tomorrow is "supposed" to be my last day- but after work today- there is NO way i'm going back tomorrow- long story! But i'm definitely loving the new job! Thanks again for everyone who sent me vibes/good wishes during the whole process Also there are some wonderful dogs that could really use some vibes right now- our dog room is almost 100% full at the moment. And there is an outbreak of kennel cough (even though we vaccinate all of our animals- many still get sick just because they are in kennels.) Right now there is a fine line between kennel cough and it turning into distemper. So please keep our dogs in your prayers- we are a very very low kill shelter- only euthanize terminally ill animals or very very violent ones. Please send some "get better vibes" to our dogs so that their health improves! We definitely need some great new people to come in and adopt some of our wonderful pups! Right now we're almost 100% in the dog room- but since our satellite adoption center at Petsmart has done so well- we are actually low on kitties To the point that we're going online to different sites and talking to other shelters about moving more in our shelter so they get rehomed more quickly Our feline adoptions are doing AWESOME!
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YAY!! Thats so good Nikki. I am so glad your loving the new job.
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I'm glad you are enjoying it
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Yay! I'm so glad to hear things are going so good at the new job!
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That is wonderful news Nikki and I am soooooooooooooooooooooo happy for you.

I am sending some hugs and prayers from Mississippi for the dogs in your shelter, I hope they all find new homes soon.

Please keep us posted on this too.
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What fabulous news!!!!!!!!!!!

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thats great to hear! Maybe some day you'll be running the place!
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Omy that is wonderful news I am so glad that everything is going so well also the doggies are all in my thoughts and prayers and I am sending some good luck vibes to them and sending getting rehomed soon vibes to them as well
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Oh thats great news Nikki

Sending many Get Well Vibes for the dogs there
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I'm so happy you are enjoying your new job.Shawn says that makes it easier to get through the day when you enjoy your job.
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I am glad you are enjoying it!! I will keep the dogs at your shelter in my thoughts and prayers. please keep us updated.
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Yeeahhh for shelter workers! You're a cool kid now.

we just got over a distemper outbreak. It was horrible... You got big vibes coming from me!
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Thankyou soo much everyone! I just love what wonderful friends i have here on TCS! I definitely feel like i'm where i'm ment to be right now at the shelter helping the animals that i love soo much! I am working Mon, Thurs, Sat, and Sunday right now. Then in July- i will get full time hours and a raise with benifits. I can't tell you how much i appreciate the prayers and vibes for our shelter dog. Our shelter DOES NOT like to euthanize at all- we all love the animals to pieces and invest sooooo much time and money trying to keep them all healthy. I know for me personally with my foster kittens they've spent thousands of dollars with medical treatments for them. It is one of the best shelters around here. I'm just praying we don't have an all out distemper outbreak. That would be just heartbreaking. Right now several of them have kennel cough- and there is a very thin line between the kennel cough turning into distemper. We vaccinate them all when they come in and test them for these things- but sometimes, even with the vaccinations since they are in close quarters- they still develop it. We have all of the sick pups seperated at one end of the kennel- we were trying to keep a few pens in between the sick and not sick ones but it's hard since we're almost 100% full in the dog runs. I believe they're thinking about doing a big dog adoption day soon- i hope so. But we will not and cannot adopt out sick dogs or ones with distemper so i'm just praying they all improve soon. It's soo sad We have towels over the cages of the sick dogs to try and keep things from spreading and we use the best sanatizers on the market every day to keep their cages clean and nice. I'm just hoping it's enough to keep them from all getting sick and having to have some pts. One had to be pts on Monday when he came in- he was just in pitiful condition- we knew he wouldn't make it through the night. It was almost peaceful knowing he wouldn't be in pain anymore- but still doesn't make it any easier. Also- if it does spread...Colin dropped off a dog a few days ago that we had ther we'd been fostering for a while . We wanted to give him a chance to get adopted and find a good home- but if we start to have an outbreak- we will be bringing him back home and will permenantly adopt him. Maybe another pup there too that i've had my eye on just to save them if it comes to that- but i'm hoping it wont. We've been keeping our puppies in the kitten room to reduce their risk of getting anything- and ALL of the puppies who were in the kitten room got adopted!!! I know those TCS vibes are just magic- so please continute to send them to those pups and lots of prayers Thanks everyone!! I'll update after work on Thursday and keep ya'll up to date on everything

Here is a link to some of our current animals- If ya'll know ANYONE in the area around here looking to adopt- please send this link their way...especially those looking for dogs. The link needs to be updated- these are only a small amount of the animals we currently have. We will be updating the site soon and adding more pictures. Please pass this on to any friends ya'll may have out in TN,Ark, or Ms. if you think they might be a good match for one of our shelter furbabies
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You guys have lovely animals! I love Cocoa! I have a soft spot for pitties as you know.

I bet she is a sweetheart and all the others are, too!

and Vince!! OMG!!
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Originally Posted by Miagi's_Mommy View Post
You guys have lovely animals! I love Cocoa! I have a soft spot for pitties as you know.

I bet she is a sweetheart and all the others are, too!

and Vince!! OMG!!

Awww i knew you'd like Cocoa We actually have 4 cocoas in the shelter right now They're not all pictured. Some of the owners who dropped them off already named them cocoa so it gets a bit confusing. the one you liked in the picture though is a total sweetheart! she's REALLY high energy though! We actually have one pit bull there right now that I would LOVE to take home if we didn't just adopt Whiskey. His name is Mr. Reader- he is HUGE and he's a total sweetheart!He almost looks like a mix between a pit bull and a bull dog- he's adorable I want to adopt him I want to take them all!!/ Robin and Reba are total sweethearts too- i took them out to the dog park on monday and let them play for a bit- they're such good girls!!!! We also have a ton more dogs at the shelter right now that aren't listed on the site- some puppies too. Really cute. I wish i could take them all in- but i'm hoping they get good homes soon!
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Is Mr. Reader on the website? I know what you mean about wanting to take them all home! I would love to take them all home from the shelter where I volunteer if I could! especially this girl. she's such a silly dog. we have LOTS of snow and she was plowing through the snow yesterday with her head. it was soo funny! her name is Rose and she's a pit bull mix.

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