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Aww my gosh!!!

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Hi everyone!!

Today was my last day as a receptionist and well it was sad to go but i got my bunch of flowers and i was happy to leave!

Well like they say a door closes and a new one opens! I have a very busy schedule for march! But.. here comes the good part!

Two of my colleagues are flight attendants! and they are giving me tips and easy ways to get into that part of the airport!

Could you all please send me the vibes for me to get the job to be a flight attendant? Its my dream job! I am so excited right now

I just wanted to let you all know that i have been lurking but not posting much as i havent had so much time, ive had to work so much and im just soo soo soo tired! to you all!
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Many vibes for you sweetie!! I know you can do it

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Sending prayers and hugs from Mississippi that you can get into flight attendant school (or whatever it is). I hope you get your dream job.

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HUGE vibes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You'll be flying before you know it!

Everything happens for a reason! Let's hope this is it!

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Sending vibes your way that you get the job!
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