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Dee Dee had her babies!!!!!

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Hi everyone, just to let you know Dee Dee gave birth this evening. The first kitten was born at just after 7pm and is a black male. The second one was born at 7.30pm and is a tabby. They are gorgeous. She hasn't had anymore since. So i think 2 is her lot. She has taken to motherhood very well and has spend all her time grooming and cleaning them. They are feeding well too. they won't go hungry as she has alot of milk now!!
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congrats to you and dee dee can't wait to see some pic's of babies

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aw congrats , glad everything went well . please remember not to allow her outside or near any intact males untill she has been safly spade.
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Congratulations to you and Dee Dee. Don't forget to post some pictures.
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Congrats, I cant wait to see pics I am glad that everything went well and it sounds like Deedee is a great mommy Please keep us updated on everything
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Glad mom and babies are doing well. Can't wait to see the pictures!
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Congrats to you and Dee Dee
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Congrats and good luck!
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Hey thats great! Congratulations!! Just remember to keep her inside and away from intact males so she can get spayed as soon as your vet will do it!! The kittens too.
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Congratulations and well done!!!

I'm so happy the delivery went off without a hitch!!!

Now, go make the spay appt for 8 weeks from now!!!
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Also looking forward to seeing pix of the new arrivals! Glad all is going so well for Dee Dee and her new family.
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well done DeeDee Hope all is well this morning!
Don't forget our pics!
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Hi everyone, well it has been 48 hours since the birth of our babies. Its amazing how 2 little bundles of fur can have such an impact on your life. They are absolutely gorgeous and growing fast. Dee Dee is an absolutely fantastic mummy and her babies are always full bellied and contented!! I have taken loads of piccies so if u bear with me i'll post them. I had so many questions to ask and cant think of them now. Well i can think of one. I would really like to if it's safe to introduce my other resident cat Simba to the kittens. Is this safe and when if so is the best stage to try it? Thanks for all your best wishes and kind words by the way!!!
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I introduced my kittens at about a month old - when the have eyes fully open and a toddling around. Usually mom was less nervous by that time.

You have to watch mom's reactions tho. If you don't have a secure place to keep mom/babies in, she could move them on you to a "safer" place. I always had my rex babies in a big cage (door open) and they were fine. Mom never moved them out of the cage

I more/less just let the others come and look at their own discretion and supervised the meetings.
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I can not wait for pictures now
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Thread Starter[IMG] Here are a couple. Here's a few more. Isn't the tabby beautiful!!!
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Dee Dee your babies are incredibly beautiful. Way to go!
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They are so adorable and yes the Taby looks so cute.

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AWWWW the tabby is adorable.
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They are both lovely, but the markings on that tabby are amazing!
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I know she is, she has already been found a home and her new name is Jem. She is gorgeous i wanted to keep her
post #24 of 24 did I miss this !!!

Well congrats and those photos are way too adorable I know is sad to see them go to a new home, but it is good news and you´ll have them for a while longer yet

Give that Dee-Dee a gentle scritch for me the girl done good
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