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My Water Baby - Stella

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Ok she's making me nuts. I had to resort to keeping her and Oliver's water dishes in the bathtub because she would play in it and make a mess on the kitchen floor. Her new thing is that she will push the dishes along with her head until they go up the side of the tub and dump over. Please help me!!! She's making me nuts! It's cute and all but this has gone too far. Any ideas?
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Oh my goodness1 That sounds like Sophie. She taps the side of her bowl and pulls it towards her until it literally tips over. I resorted to getting more of what I would call a dog dish - weighted and wide on the bottom and only filling it up half way! This works MOST of the time! She also likes to drink out of my cup on my sink in the bathroom and will push the cup off of the sink - right into the litter box!
Good luck!
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I know some companies make pet dishes in little stands that lift the bowls up off the floor (the bowls are removable, either stainless steel or something like Corelle). That should stop Stella from spilling water all over. I've never used those but I'm sure other people here have and could recommend some.

Is Stella a young cat? My Sinbad liked to play with her water bowl, shoving it around to watch it slosh, when she was a kitten, less than a year old, and I'd often have small lakes on the kitchen floor. She did eventually outgrow that. I also let her play with little toy boats (my nephew's) in plastic basins of water (no, I'm not kidding) and that seemed to lessen her interest in spilling water out of her own bowl.
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We fixed this problem with my cat by replacing her metal bowls with ceramic ones. I think she liked how the water sounded when she knocked it around in her metal dish!
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Thanks all.
Yes, Stella is about 8months old. I sure do hope she grows out of this. I'm tired of refilling the dishes... 5x day. I will have to try some heavyduty dishes. Do the pet fountains work?
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I hope for your sake she grows out of it too, but our Gracie never did.
She still plays in the water bowls....I did get her to cut down by keeping a cup filled with water in the bathtub at all times.

She LOVES to play in the bathtub, so she gets to kill two birds with one stone!
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