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I need Names for my Cattery!

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Hey Furbuddies

I though seeing as you are all the most creative, intelligent and wonderful people in the world I would call on you all for some help.

I am filling out my papers to become a registered breeder and need a Cattery name.

I will be showing/breeding Russian Blues and need a name to say it all!!!! It needs to be fairly short.

Some of the names I have come up with so far are -


As you can see I need help LOL.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.

By the way, I have posted new pictures of Amy's kittens on her thread.

Love and Hugs
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Leslie, I promise I'll try to think of a name for your cattery, but first......WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? We even discussed your absence in the DT. You and your mate have been missing, and we need your humor. Going walk-about, eh?
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Jeanie me Maaaaaattttttttteeeeeeeeee!!!!

It's so nice to see I have been missed cobber! I have been giving you all a bit of a break seeing as I have been in yer faces and posting so many pics, I just didn't want you all to get sick of me LOL. The other reason and the one closer to the truth is I have been a bit off colour or more to the point a bit blue LOL. But I am back hahahahha!!!

I have been having withdrawals for TCS and you and your wicked humour buddy. Glad to see underneath that wild, dry, wicked, and teasing exteriour you secretly lub me!

I am looking forward to your name sugestions mate hehehhe!!!

Love and hugs
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Jeanie's right, we missed you! So many members have turned up missing lately. But they won't stay missing for very long! We're organizing a search party and we even have a bloodhound helping with the search...

And now, about a name for your cattery. I did think of one name, how about Russian Blues R Us?????????
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Hi Lorie, can I go on that trip even though you guys were looking for me as well? LOL great car and great doggie, it's the doggie that found me you know! It sniffed me out.

You came up with a cool name but it has to be 12 letter or less and that includes any spaces so I think it may be a tad long.
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Come along on the trip and we'll find Tania. I told Heidi to put another steak on the grill.
Here's a general idea that might help. I knew someone who had Champagne as a kennel name for their collies. They had quite a few champions, and that made it easier for people to chose a registered name that included the sire's kennel name. There was a Champagne's Golden Chalice, Champagne and Brandy, etc., all making sense because many collies have the color of champagne. Of course you'll want to evoke thoughts of blue or Russia. Just an idea for an idea, not a whole idea. Get the idea? I have an idea that you don't like my idea. (And don't be calling your cattery "Vodka!" It just isn't as elegant.)
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LMAO :tounge2:
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How about Bundy Catz Or Bundy's Blues (they are Russian Blue, right?)
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It's nothing really to do with Russian Blues, and I don't know if there is one ou there called that, but what about Eden's Cats, or
Heaven Sent Cattery

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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Hmmmmm I like those names oh the decisions!!!! Yes they are Russians.

I have a few more too –

Furs and purs (Sorry)

We will have to pick favourites and have a poll.
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Rhythmn and Blues
Once in a Blue Moon
Blue Genes........*G*

OK I will quit now!
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LOL gee thanks Hissy
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Let's see.......

Blues Delight
Blues Best
Blue Oz
Pitter Patter of Blue Feet
Blue Moon Over Oz
Blues Best

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I'd thought I'd give it a try but I'm not all that creative, intelligence...well it gave up on me and went walkabout somewhere and wonderful...well I try .....

AzureDelightz...i know it's 13....
BlueTzars...with or without space...couldn't decide...

Hmm....that's it.....hope it helps. ^_^
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Thanks Patty and Mags It so difficult. I am trying to think how it will sound in front of the kittens names as well as a name that means something, is easy to remember and will be looking at all these vrey carefully. At the end of the day we'll all have to vote on them. That way you will all be a part of this with me.
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"Trublu" I like that one the best so far!
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Thanks LisaV I like it to but I was told the following -

Trublu - might be OK but True Blue is already registered and this
could be a confict from one of our registries. I'll have to see but I don't think they will let me use it. It would have been good I think!
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Damn! Well - back to the drawing board! I guess I'll put my thinking cap on then!

Bluebyu's good though....
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Or Shades of Blue, A Touch of Blue, Touches of Blue, Blue Skies, Azul, or Cielo, Sky Kennels, A Patch of Blue (an old movie) or any variation of the word in any language, such as Azure or Cerulian.
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Or how about Blupurrs or Bluepurrs,
I'll keep thinking.Cheers Veronica
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Bundy's Best
Aussie Azure

Those are all I can think of right now!
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